Hannes Hummel is an interdisciplinary designer focusing on the intersection of artistic exploration and bespoke design — specialized in the fields of 3D-motion and still life visuals with a contemporary, modern aesthetic with an emphasis on photorealism.

A form of digital poetry, Hummel often explores notions of tranquility and meditativeness through his artworks which seamlessly combine the natural world with emerging tech.

He frequently collaborates with other artists and agencies to create outstanding experiences. His work has been exhibited and shown at galleries, modern art museums, festivals and design shows worldwide.

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Notable Sales

Digital Ikebana A1 – 8 ETH (~$16,856.80)

Digital Ikebana – A2 – Ξ7.50000 ($15,803.25)

Digital Ikebana – A3 7.5 ETH ($15,803.25)

Garden of Memory

A meditative escape into a secret garden of the past. Close your eyes, relax your mind and let your senses unleash with the sights and sounds of Hannes Hummel’s tranquil Garden of Memory.

Garden of Memory – A1

Editions: One
Pricing: Accepting Offers Only

*24 Hour auction clock will ensue once reserve price is met. Owner will also receive Garden of Memory – A2.

Garden of Memory – A2

Editions: One
Pricing: Free to owner of Garden of Memory – A1

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