Upcoming Drops – Pascal Blanche, Hannes Hummel, Lushsux and Dosbrak

Pascal Blanche – Dropping 8/17 @ 3:30 PM PST

Pascal Blanche is a digital illustrator and sci-fi concept artist based in Montreal, Canada. Blanche is known across digital art communities for his hyper realistic depictions of unknown worlds which seamlessly blur the boundaries between fantasy and sci-fi worlds. His 3D renderings are extremely rich in detail, color and story.

Blanche’s artwork was named as a Zbrush Top Row Post of the year 2019 and he has received multiple awards from CGHub, CGTalk, and Artstation. His artworks have been exhibited in the Danese Corey Gallery’s LINE AND FRAME A Survey of European Comic Art, spotlighted on the cover for Heavymetal magazine, and sold as high end physical collectibles by the House of GOG.


What happens when a Faery encounters an Astronaut? A journey into the unknown.

Hannes Hummel – Dropping 8/18 @ 3:30 PM PST

Hannes Hummel is an interdisciplinary designer focusing on the intersection of artistic exploration and bespoke design — specialized in the fields of 3D-motion and still life visuals with a contemporary, modern aesthetic with an emphasis on photorealism. He frequently collaborates with other artists and agencies to create outstanding experiences. His work has been exhibited and shown at galleries, modern art museums, festivals and design shows worldwide.

Garden of Memory

A meditative escape into a secret garden of the past. Close your eyes, relax your mind and let your senses unleash with the sights and sounds of Hannes Hummel’s tranquil Garden of Memory.

Lushsux – Dropping 8/18 @ 3:30 PM PST

Lushsux is Australia’s most prolific street artist and the world’s first official meme artist and founder of the meme movement, an undeniable force within today’s internet culture. Based in Melbourne, Lushsux’s iconic works can be found on walls, buildings, and subway stations across the world. Through his practice, Lushsux has pushed graffiti and street art beyond its limits.

I miss Belle

Belle Delphine is my favourite living meme, the quintessential egirl and purveyor of fine bath waters.
Arguably an artiste in her own right, she seems to know how to capture an audience and I don’t just mean simps on Onlyfans. Belle was kind enough to let me paint her for this drop so it’s got her seal of Bri ish approved and no doubt I’ll have to send over some percentage of crypto simp bucks to her after it’s concluded. Shameful shit, but that’s how it be these days.

– Lushsux

Dosbrak – Dropping 8/19 @ 3:30 PM PST

Dosbrak is an Irish artist hailing from Cork who has partnered with some of the most famous names in sports to produce a series of works which have been used to promote some of the biggest fights and events on the combat sports calendar.His distinct, stylistic approach has caught the attention of many across the world who praise his work for it’s big personality and unique style. 

Dosbrak has collaborated with some of the most recognisable celebrities and combat sports stars in the world, including Joe Rogan, Conor McGregor, Mike Tyson, as well as global brands such as the UFC and ESPN.

Screen Icon$

Big screen classics presented Dosbrak style! Your favorite antiheroes unite in Dosbrak’s newest collection *Screen Icon$* which pays homage to iconic characters across the eras through a number of cinematic remixes with the amalgamation of cult movies and leading tv series.

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