Musketon – Dropping 8/10 @ 3:30 PM PST

Musketon is a visual artist from Belgium with the main focus on vector graphics and an extreme eye for details. His artwork often explores social themes through a bright, bold and distinct style. His artworks are embedded with various details, big and small, and viewers are recommended to zoom in as close as possible to get the full story. A self made artist, Musketon has been honing his craft for over a decade and although he is focused on his personal work, he’s also worked with brands such as Mazda, Nike, The Chainsmokers, Coca-Cola, MTV, Nike. 

Socially Wasted

Corporate takeovers and personal data spills, in this series Musketon takes us on a trip into a very possible dystopian future. Will we become our own demise? A poignant message delivered through bold color and vivid imagery.

Blvck – Dropping 8/11 @ 3:30 PM PST

Julian O’hayon is a French designer, artist, and founder behind the lifestyle brand, Blvck Paris. Founded in 2017, Blvck Paris pioneered an engaged community that love the colour, black and aspire to the aesthetic and monochrome lifestyle, pursuing quality and design. Today, the brand is home to an impressive collection of lifestyle clothing, accessories, and digital goods. With stores opening globally, including Miami, Taipei, Tokyo and Macau, the brand is endorsed and supported by an engaged community with millions of social media followers and customers worldwide. Each store is conceptually designed by Julian with bespoke attention to detail, utilising spatial awareness with a key emphasis on clean aesthetics and minimalism. Prior to founding Blvck, Julian was appointed to work on prestigious projects with household names, Porsche Design, Bang & Olufsen, Philips, StockX and Hugo Boss. His work has also been featured worldwide in major outlets including Vogue, GQ, Creapills and Hypebeast. 


Blvck Paris returns with DARK MODE 02, a collection darker than ever. O’hayon continues to apply his personal ‘Blvck’ stamp by creating a distinctive and aesthetically satisfying effect in each piece.  

This new collection includes a unique and immersive gaming experience where O’hayon invites the viewer to drive through an aesthetic and conceptualised virtual ‘Blvck out’ world.  

DARK MODE 02 features O’hayon’s original works in the form of unique 3D motion graphics, whilst they enjoy the backdrop of original musical pieces, produced by O’hayon.

The Frazetta Art Museum  – Dropping 8/12 @ 3:30 PM PST

Frank Frazetta, often referred to as the “Godfather” of fantasy art, is one of the most renowned illustrators of the 20th century. He was one of the pioneers of modern fantasy illustration and created iconic works well before the digital age and the advent of the internet. He has inspired generations of actors, musicians, illustrators, artists, and more.

Frank Frazetta was inducted into the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame in 1995, the Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame in 1998, the Jack Kirby Hall of Fame in 1999, the Science Fiction Hall of Fame in 2014, the Album Cover Hall of Fame in 2016, and received the Life Achievement Award from the World Fantasy Convention in 2001. He also received the Chesley Award (1988, 1995, 1997), Hugo Award (1966), and Spectrum Grand Master of Fantastic Art Award (1995).

The Frazetta Art Museum, located in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania on the original 67-acre Frank Frazetta estate, was reopened to the public by Frank Frazetta Jr. in 2013. The museum is the largest collection of Frank Frazetta original works and houses 37 original oil pieces and countless pencil, pen and ink, and watercolor works


The classics as you’ve never seen them before. Presented by The Frazetta Art Museum comes The Frank Frazetta Legacy Collection Vol II: Three of the father of fantasy’s most iconic paintings, Egyptian Queen; Mothman and Silver Warrior, brought to life in a remastered digital form. A celebration of Frazetta’s immeasurable legacy and a new way to experience his most classic creations while honoring their significance.

Matt Gondek – Dropping 8/13 @ 3:30 PM PST

Matt Gondek is a renowned Deconstructed Pop Artist based in Los Angeles. Gondek’s paintings and sculptures have become highly sought after, with a growing number of sold-out exhibitions around the world that include Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Hong Kong. The Deconstructed Pop Art paintings, normally done in hyper bright acrylic paint on canvas, showcase various cartoon and comic book characters often exploding, melting or falling apart. Gondek has been covered numerous times by publications such as Hypebeast, Complex, to gracing the cover of ‘Urban Contemporary Art Guide’ 2019 by Graffiti Art.


Avenue des Arts in collaboration with MakersPlace is pleased to present RATS, a solo exhibition by deconstructive pop artist Matt Gondek. This is the first exhibition in which Gondek has based all of the artwork on one central character in a variety of ways. There will be paintings, a drawing, sculptures, prints, NFTs, and even a mural. This new exhibit is especially exciting because this will include a collection of digital NFT work that will be shown alongside physical, tangible work. Additionally, it contains the largest painting that Gondek has ever created and the greatest amount of sculptures that he has ever been included in a show.   RATS has been in the making on and off for the past three years.

The term “rats” is used to express annoyance or frustration, and Gondek uses the exclamation, “rats,” to describe the mood of the pandemic and the sudden cancellation of so many important events and exhibitions. RATS takes this frustration as inspiration and then leaves it in the past. “It’s just a big fun colourful show that I think we need after being indoors for the last year and a half”, Gondek says. 

Annoyance caused by our socially distanced lifestyles and hope for the future are simultaneously conveyed in this exhibition, especially with its incorporation of very large works, bright colors, and innovative digital content. Furthermore, it is a show that everyone can relate to, from the common daily frustrations of the worldwide pandemic to the optimism of looking towards the future in hopes of a more “normal” lifestyle. The inclusion of digital NFT art might also hint at a common awareness in technological advances and an irreversible change in our culture following COVID 19. RATS is definitely a show you won’t want to miss.

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