When we launched MakersPlace in 2019, we had one goal in mind: To empower digital creators and enable a vibrant and sustainable future for digital creativity.

In a time where few knew what NFTs were, and even fewer realized the vast potential they held for transforming the way we interact with digital art, this was no easy feat. Yet through the unwavering support, dedication and belief of our community, we have reached heights in the NFT space that many did not believe possible. And we are just getting started.

The growth of MakersPlace and the NFT movement in general would not be possible without all of you – creators, collectors and believers of all backgrounds.

As a way to thank and celebrate our incredible community of creators and collectors, we are hosting a special group exhibition that showcases the artworks of our creators, from the crypto art OGs who believed in us from the start to the enthusiastic new artists who have dove full heartedly into the NFT movement and never looked back.

A plethora of unique styles, aesthetics, creative visions, and profound messages exist within each of your artworks. Through this community exhibition we hope to celebrate the differences amongst us all, while remembering what brings us together- creativity, art and digital freedom through NFTs.


MakersPlace Gallery

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Artists and artworks include:

Evolution, Mar e

Staring to unknown #1, Tahseen Sami

Knowledge and InspiraETHon, María Emegé

“LIFE”, Akkrin

Derealization, Isaria

Pathway, Anthony Jordan

Error, Correction…, Andreas Lilja

Snowy windows in Norilsk I, Pedro J. Saavedra

My tailor is a blacksmith, whornung


SOLITARY, azarikh

INFINITE·YOUTH Motionsickness, Patric Ortmann

Dogecoin Machinery, Javier Arrés

Kodama meets the snail, Nadiia Forkosh

Chokhmah, Axiom’s Vessel, Peter Mohrbacher

run into flowers, Anthony Samaniego

The Double Thank You of Crypto Art, Alexander Van Glitch

Fresh, Jung

Flames of Her, Marcello Castellani

Simple Things, Darel Carey


Amnesia, mikiad

Kaws with Golden Rice bowl Portrait, Mavenarte

Re-animated Pug Skeleton, Skeenee

Summoning the Rose, Ruslan Bolgov

Vanity Case, Perry Cooper

Saint Lucy of Siracuse lives today, Antonio García Villarán

Saccade, A. L. Crego

delineate_04, gregrha

Dreamer, Mitrai

One BC Gallery – (Thank You WhaleShark & $Whale Team!)

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Artists and artworks include:

The Journey Master Compilation, Meredith Marsone


Yakmay Akatalo, Bárbara Bezina

“LIFE”, Akkrin

Lucid Mood, PsyBot

You can see the harbor from here, Pirate Sheep

Jellyfish of the Blue Forest, David Loblaw

Shores of Change, Jay Toor

“MR. CONSCIENCE”, Alex Pardee

Radiation, Wonderworldmotion

“Two Bosses” Bruce Springsteen x President Barack Obama x Anna Wilding, @lighteningbug

Light, howiseedatworld


But What is the Green Key to the MetaGarden?’, Ade Mc

La batalla contra el Inconciente, Bruno Nacif

Sleepy Head, humdrumson

Broken Eyes, Bit Errror

The King of pop met the queen of hearts, Alon Chou

Sunflowers in the storm, Paleo07

At The Birth of Stars, Joshua Levin

Friends, KrikCO

Locus, Rarezo

Happy SmackMan IV, Reinhard Schmid

I wonder…, Ghogee

Visioner, GrayMask

The World Is Yours King, Vakseen

Lifelines, drewmadestuff

Endless Reverie, Mohammadreza Rezania

Mata Ariki x The Infinite Void, ONESIAN

Noto, scardecc

Space: Inner & Outer, Maximillian Piras

Unspeakable Pain, PsychxnauT

Abstract 20, Jack Vanzet

Bliss, crazydoc

The Fisher King, Michael Stone

ArtVndngMchn Man, Joe Chiappetta

8-Bit Rice bowl, Mavenarte, Carguin

Day 23: wħɇɍɇ ɨs ɇvɇɍɏƀøđɏ? (animate), jrdsctt

LOCKDOWN, David Sossella

Afternoon of Desire, Cosmozach

High Division, Monfa

Blue Origin, Robert Hruska

Enlightenment, Yura Miron

The Moon Goddess, Yiying Lu

Blvck Banana, Blvck

Far Out Bear, fnnch

I LOVED YOU ONCE,Scot Greenwell


To celebrate and thank the community for your continued support, we are putting approximately $30K (9 ETH) back into the hands of community members who have helped to push NFTs and MakersPlace to where we are today.

A symbol of our thanks and our dedication to empowering the digital art community that has done so much for us, this initiative will be the first of many in which we directly put the buying power back in the hands of the community. This is our way of paying it forward to both creators and collectors who have helped us get to where we are today.

The distributed ETH will be spent solely on artworks within this exhibition and artworks purchased will be the select community members to keep as a thank you for their support.

This is an exciting opportunity for artists to gain visibility from some of the NFT space’s top collectors and for collectors and community members to discover the works of artists, new and old, on the platform.

For our THANK YOU Exhibition, ETH will be distributed to the following community members.

Hackatao – OG CryptoArtist and Leader in the NFT Space

Lady Phoenix – NFT and CryptoArt Curator and Advocate

X-Ray – OG MakersPlace Collector, Long-time NFT Supporter

Pablo – OG MakersPlace Collector, Long-time NFT Supporter

RRcents – MakersPlace Collector

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