The NFT art space is blossoming with new talent with skilled digital creators discovering and joining the movement each day. Creativity flows abundantly in this global community where hyperrealistic 3D artworks live beside pixels, voxels, dancing animation, digital paintings and so much more. Creative boundaries are non-existent and artists’ digital expression knows no limits. No matter your artistic appetite, there is someone in the NFT space who can feed your soul.

In celebration of the breadth of creative diversity within the space, we are spotlighting four artists, each with their own unique and powerful style, who have made a big impact in a little time. If you don’t know these artists already, you should. Be sure to check out their stores for more creations and keep your eyes on our blog for more artists to watch.


Dexamol is the moniker for Tel-Aviv based artist Dekel Oved. His imagery conjures a not-too-distant future in which science has gained mastery over synthetic genetics and a form of time-travel. Tiny self-replicating masterpieces abound, restructuring a deteriorating environment due to natural / man made disasters.


Marischa Becker is a digital artist from South Africa who enjoys colorful, space fantasy genres.

“I’ve been doing art since December 2017 and ever since made it my career, art is a life long journey and I will never stop doing art. Art is life.”


Nicole Wu is a taught 3D designer / artist based in Melbourne Australia. She combines her love for surreal landscapes with outer-space elements and is always finding new inspiration from architecture and often reflects on the way a structure can change your mood when it’s placed in a surreal space surrounded by nature.

She has work with clients such as Acer, Palladium, RAC, Koko Black and so many more.

Reza Afshar

Reza Afshar is a concept artist and environment illustrator. He has previously been working as a professional digital artist in the gaming industry, movie and animation space since 2012!

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