XSULLO – Dropping 8/3 @ 3:30 PM PST

Nick Sullo has 10+ years of visual effects experience in the film industry working with Marvel Film, Disney, Netflix, Apple TV & Hulu to name a few. Projects include Stranger Things, Iron Man 3, & the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. 

XSULLO was formed in 2015 with his wife as a creative passion project. Known for its vivid techno work, XSULLO has been featured in Juxtapoz, Hi-Fructose & Vice, and worked with clients such as Nike, & Marvel Comics. XSULLO’s media is diverse, from analog to digital, creating innovative and strikingly refreshing visuals with a distinct recognizable style. Creations thematically explore a cybernetic post-gender Punk world with a focus on how technology affects the human body on a personal and social level.


We are constantly surrounded by technology, it is slowly becoming part of us, whether we like it or not..  It pulls us up to higher advancement, it connects us through social media, and yet isolates us too and invades our privacy.  Life is already a hard pill to swallow, and we find other means to cope.  So is this technology actually helping us or hurting?

Skeenee– Dropping 8/4 @ 3:30 PM PST

Skeenee is a Madrid based Belgian painter & tattoo artist currently focusing his research on human and animal anatomy.

He dedicated his life to creation and has been working for more than 2 decades in creative fields ranging from 2D animation, illustration, web design, Flash games, pixel art, life drawing, painting, and tattoo. He is an early adopter of crypto art and has been actively developing this revolutionary artistic movement since 2019 by experimenting with augmented reality, minting strategies (NFT+ART, NFT-ART), AI & GAN networks, social token ($SKULL), virtual galleries…


Skeletons, skulls and screens converge in crypto art pioneer Skeenee’s digital examination of animal anatomy. Throughout his various anatomical series, Skeenee presents an exploration of contrast, movement, shape and form. Now he dives into the ultimate form of contrast, that between life and death by blowing life into his ink painted animal skeletons with his signature digital voodoo.

José Delbo x Apollo NFT-Dropping 8/5 @ 3:30 PM PST

José Delbo is an Argentinian born comic artist who has illustrated a number of Silver and Bronze Age comic classics. He’s the artist behind the pen of some of your favorite superheroes and comic classics — Wonder Woman, Batman, Transformers, The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine comic book, Billy The Kid… just to name a few.

Delbo’s work is timeless, and immersing himself in the latest art movement taking place on the Blockchain has made it even more so. Digitally enhancing his classic illustration approach, by way of the blockchain, has resulted in timeless creations that fit today’s digital consumption demand without sacrificing the integrity of Delbo’s beloved style. Since his crypto art debut in July of 2020, Delbo has dominated the scene with a number of record breaking sales and speedy sell-outs.

“Death … Reanimated” Part II

“Death… No Escape” was one of the first original NFT comic books and was released on MakersPlace on July 23, 2020 as an edition of 250. The release was incredibly well received by the blockchain community and after just a couple months of releasing the comics in small batches, they were sold out, with the final 20 comics selling out in a day for 1 ETH each.

In celebration of “Death… No Escape” by José Delbo’s one year anniversary, Delbo and Apollo NFT Studios are releasing a two part commemorative collection, which includes the 1/1 original line cover from the iconic comic book and the signed and numbered (#1) physical version of Death… No Escape.

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