Gala MirissaDropping 7/13 @ 3:30 PM PST

Gala Mirissa is a digital artist based in Barcelona and Reus (Tarragona), Spain. Through her digital artwork Mirissa applies her multifaceted skills to combine photography and art with motion graphics to create a life-like image which evokes the feeling of movement as a universal language.

A finalist in the VISUAL ARTIST AWARDS MIAMI 2018 for Best Technical Innovation, her work was also selected for inclusion in the International Filmmaker Biennale Women in Cinema and she was interviewed about the participation of women in Multimedia Art. She was named by BeInCrypto on International Women’s Day 2021 as one of the three most influential hispanic women in the cryptocurrency industry who are using NFT (non-fungible token) technology and ranks amongst the top sales in the rank list of NFT by 


This collection shines a light on the beautiful differences across cultures and continents through the eyes of a child while simultaneously reminding us that we are one under the skin and deserve to be treated as such. A mesmerizing moving image celebration of diversity around the world and the importance of protecting our youth.

Karl LagasseDropping 7/14 @ 3:30 PM PST

The acclaimed artist Karl Lagasse came into prominence in 2009 with his “One Dollar” sculptures. In 2009, Artprice named Karl as one of the top 10 sculptors under 30 in the world. In 2012 the New York publication Farameh selected Karl for their book FOR WHICH IT STANDS: Americana in Contemporary Art in which he is represented as one of the fifty best contemporary artists who found inspiration through traditional American icons.

Karl enjoys premiering his new works at expositions worldwide including: 2011 Art Monaco with Gallery Bel Air Fine Art where he presented his creation “Cryptogram One”; 2012 solo show with Gallery Artco France where he presented his “one dollar” sculptures with the chosen the theme “In God We Trust”. 

One Dollar

With this collection Karl Lagasse presents a digital reinterpretation of his most emblematic masterpiece, The Dollar, which shocked contemporary art audiences around the world. Soon to be immortalized on the blockchain, this collection presents an entirely novel way to interact with this iconic work of art. 

Korn x Dreamonaut – Dropping 7/15 @ 3:30 PM PST


Since forming, KORN has sold 40 million albums worldwide, collected two GRAMMYS, toured the world countless times, and set many records in the process that will likely never be surpassed. Vocalist Jonathan Davis, guitarists James “Munky” Shaffer and Brian “Head” Welch, bassist Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu, and drummer Ray Luzier, have continued to push the limits of the rock, alternative and metal genres, while remaining a pillar of influence for legions of fans and generations of artists around the globe. 


Dreamoanut is a graphic designer and 3D artist based in Mexico. His fascination for the obscure and macabre has led him to work and experiment with dark and surreal imagery. Exploring concepts like emotions, human mind, dark thoughts and gothic aesthetics and inspired mainly by music and obscure folklore tales, he continues on developing a more contemporary line of work, always preserving that unsettling but beautiful vibe throughout his pieces.

Monuments Collection

“Monuments Collection is an introspection of emotions and thoughts through surreal scenes representing the condition of feeling imprisoned or tied to ideas, times, people or even different situations and phases in people’s lives. A constant battle with inner demons and the final liberation of the self.

With visuals inspired by Korn’s early days, as well as their more recent work, this collection celebrates the evolution and great musical contribution the band has brought to rock and metal music all over the world.” – Dreamonaut

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