We are excited to announce the first ever “In Person NFT Drop” event: VR GRAFFITI SESSIONS VOLUME 1, curated and hosted by SuperChief Gallery NFT featuring legendary street artists from around the world who collaborated from 4 different timezones to graffiti-bomb a life-size virtual wall within a VR oculus and produce a never before seen NFT experience.

This “In Person NFT Drop Event” marks the first collaboration in a series of ongoing, monthly NFT events curated by Superchief Gallery NFT exclusively for MakersPlace.

The live event and auction will take place Friday, July 9th, from 6-9PM at SUPERCHIEF GALLERY NFT: 56 East 11th Street | New York, NY 10003

RSVP is required for entry.

Participating artists include Lushsux (Melbourne, AUS), Sauteezy (Los Angeles, USA), Mike Irak aka Rehab (New York City, USA), Kunle F. Martins aka Earsnot (New York City, USA) and Snipe1 (Tokyo, JP).

In addition to the collaborative wall NFT, each artist will produce their solo graffiti NFTs on giant walls or US Postal Service Mail Trucks within a VR oculus setting.

All works will be unveiled to the public, minted as NFTs, and prepared for a live auction that same evening on MakersPlace.

The event will be free and will allow opportunities for lucky guests to try on the occulus and see the NFTs in VR space.


Mike IRAK is an American multimedia artist and designer. He is one of the original founding members of the legendary IRAK CREW and also the founder of the brand PRICEBUSTERS. Alongside Kunle Martins and IRAK crew, they would redefine the faces of late 90’s downtown New York City Art, graffiti and fashion scenes. Mike IRAK has had work featured at Martinez Art Gallery, ALIFE, Tokyo Tower & Ohana Sports Japan.


Editions: 20
Pricing: $500

*Final edition will be auctioned


Kunle F. Martins was born in 1980, in New York, NY where he currently lives and works. Known for the past two decades as Earsnot, Martins was a founding member of the infamous IRAK crew, a group of New York graffiti artists. His work has been the subject of numerous presentations both stateside and abroad, including a solo show at Shoot The Lobster (New York) and group shows at The Hole (New York), Beyond the Streets (New York), White Columns Benefit Auction (New York), Amelchenko (New York), Jeffrey Stark (New York), Bonnie Poon (Paris), Coney Art Walls (New York), Wynwood Walls (Miami), Los Angeles MoCA, and Clayton Patterson Gallery (New York).


Editions: 20
Pricing: $500

*Final edition will be auctioned


Saute is an internationally revered graffiti artist who has been the long reigning Billboard Graffiti King of Los Angeles with over 150 billboards bombed out with his various unmistakable styles.


Editions: 20
Pricing: $500

*Final edition will be auctioned


A pioneer among Japanese graffiti writers, Snipe1 has been active since the dawn of Japan’s graffiti scene and later threw himself into the graffiti world of early 1990s New York during his teenage years. Since then, he has traveled to various countries establishing connections with graffiti communities all around the world, before finally returning to Japan. Upon moving his base back to his homeland, Snipe1 has dedicated himself to being a missionary for Japanese graffiti culture, contributing to the rise of the culture through his various efforts in the underground scene. Snipe1’s graffiti draws upon the sensibility of street culture but incorporates an edge of “dirtiness” that lends to an unmistakable individual style. By pushing the boundaries, he continuously dares to toe the danger of breaking stereotypes. In recent years, the artist has engaged in a variety of projects, including collaborations with famous fashion brands as well as participation and collaboration in the artistic production of works by TAKASHI MURAKAMI and MADSAKI. Snipe1 also exhibited at Murakami’s Hidari Zingaro Gallery and participated in the world’s largest urban art exhibition, Beyond the Street, in both Los Angeles and New York alongside Madsaki, Takashi Murakami, and TengaOne. Snipe1 has proved himself to be at the forefront of Asian Urban Contemporary Art.


Editions: 20
Pricing: $500

*Final edition will be auctioned


Lushsux is Australia’s most prolific street artist and the world’s first official meme artist and founder of the meme movement, an undeniable force within today’s internet culture. Based in Melbourne, Lushsux’s iconic works can be found on walls, buildings, and subway stations across the world. Through his practice, Lushsux has pushed graffiti and street art beyond its limits. His work has garnered the attention of many, including famed street artist Banksy, who has collaborated with Lushsux on multiple occasions. His artwork, heavily influenced by meme culture and principles of virality, is witty, satirical, raw, and thought-provoking.


Editions: One
Pricing: Only accepting offers

*Auction will end at 6 PM PST the following the day 7/10

A collaboration between all five artists

Editions: One
Pricing: Only accepting offers

*Auction will end at 7 PM PST the following the day 7/10


Win VIP Early Access to Next SuperChief x MakersPlace Exhibition

Editions: 10
Pricing: $1

*Raffle entry open for 30 minutes before drop time (3:30-4 PM PST). Must be a verified user on MakersPlace to enter.


Superchief Gallery was born out of the underground art scene of New York and is now as an independent artist-run gallery with permanent large scale warehouse locations in New York City, Downtown LA and Wynwood, Miami, founded in 2012 by Edward Zipco & Bill Dunleavy. 

As a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary platform, Superchief Gallery has a near 10 year history of supporting artists from disparate scenes & collectives, enabling them to participate in the larger cultural movement and we are proud to act as an extension of the art landscape in its most raw and honest form.

Superchief Gallery has been working with digital artists since 2015 and when we saw that NFTs were enabling the artform of our generation to finally be accepted by the art world at large- as well as and more importantly, enabling Artist Royalties – we committed fully to this essential future by opening the world’s first physical NFT gallery in NYC.

Our goal is to show a new generation of art collectors how to properly evaluate and collect NFTs from both Digital Native & Traditional Artists as well as visually presenting how to live with NFTs as the newest part of their collection at home. 

Superchief Gallery NFT is working alongside the hardware community at large to create the industry standard for the contemporary art world — presenting NFT artwork IRL as the artists intended it to be experienced.

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