Get ready for another exciting week of Drops on MakersPlace! Featuring the genesis collection from Russell James; the introduction of a new series from prolific digital artist Mark Constantine Inducil; an epic celebration of motorsport from Automobilist; the second digital series from the great Joel Rea; and the finale of Flying Fish, the epic 7-part short film series from Murat Sayginer.

Russell James – Dropping 6/22 @ 3:30 PM PST

Russell James has become well known around the world for his photographs of some of the most beautiful and iconic women of our time, shooting emotional portraits of the world’s leading celebrities and supermodels, including Scarlett Johansson, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Adriana Lima, Gisele Bündchen, Alessandra Ambrosio, to name a few. Russell’s diverse photographic achievements range from fashion spreads and celebrity appearing in and on the covers of Vogue, Marie Claire, GQ, Sports Illustrated, and American Photo and French Photo.

In addition to his studio work, Russell created a fine art movement entitled ‘Nomad Two Worlds,’ a collaborative series inspired by the global consequences of cultural collision informed both by Australia’s ancient past and by an unfolding, present-day political narrative, now including collaborations with Native American, Haitian, and Indonesian communities, and leading Russell to create the Nomad Two Worlds Foundation.

Covers and Collectibles

James’ excited at the launch of NFTs was immediate. To him, it was a long awaited bridge between the worlds of 2D and 3D, not a static print shot and not a movie.
In each of his photographs, James’ eye is always drawn to an X Factor. NFT creations enabled him to bring some of those factors to life in a single element. Hair, a cloud, the sea; whatever the element, we can now get a far better glimpse into the mind of the creator. ‘Covers and Collectibles’ is a limited selection of James’ most famous covers and collectibles.

Mark Constantine Inducil- Dropping 6/22 @ 3:30 PM PST

Mark Constantine Inducil is a Filipino-Australian visual artist living in Melbourne, Australia. His distinctively vivid and textured renders attempt to capture memories, childhood experiences and past traumas. Influenced by cinema, philosophy and psychology, his works display compelling landscapes and portraiture that feature the use of fragmented forms which represents humanity’s evolving psychological states and explores its internal realities. Inducil’s work has been exhibited in Australia and the UK. He is also one of the headliners in the upcoming ArtLife Fest 2021 in Moscow.

Portraits of Deamons

Portraits of Daemons represents Inducil’s interest to create a portrait series that would personify the pool of thoughts and emotions, the abstractions that guide him when embarking on a creative endeavor. In ancient times, some refer to this guiding energy as “daemons”. 

Automobilist- Dropping 6/23 @ 3:30 PM PST

Automobilist is a celebrated collective of artists, designers, and passionate motorsports enthusiasts who capture & re-create some of the most fabled moments in motorsports history. Partnering with the most iconic motorsports and automotive brands, the pieces are not only recognizable but often fully licensed. Automobilist spends over 4000 painstaking hours researching, designing & developing every fine-art piece, and their effort shows; every detail is perfectly executed in flawless intricacy.

The Ferrari 250 GTO Collection

In celebration of their MakersPlace debut, Automobilist is paying homage to the world’s most expensive car; the Ferrari 250 GTO. This collection captures three iconic moments from motorsports history where the Ferrari 250 GTO made its mark.

Over 4000 hours of research and development per fine art design, and officially licensed engine audio from Nick Mason’s [Pink Floyd] personal Ferrari 250 GTO, the drop comprises their widely-admired Fine Art pieces, their stunning collectable Turnarounds and limited edition Prints. This collection marks the beginning of a new race for Automobilist. For the lucky collector, the passenger seat is free, so hop in and buckle up!

Note: these NFTs will give owners utility in Decentraland and other metaverses with access to exclusive money-can’t-buy experiences and interactions brought to you from the automotive world. Automobilist’s community involvement is set to run deep. So think of these NFTs as your golden ticket to race-day.

Joel Rea- Dropping 6/24 @ 3:30 PM PST

Joel Rea is a highly acclaimed and multi award-winning artist known for his surreal, allegorical paintings. Rea’s works stand somewhere between genres of hyperrealism, photorealism and virtuosic Renaissance realism. From this amalgamation of influences, Rea has created a unique and recognisable style portraying social awareness and personal introspection through his impeccable execution of detail.

Giant Puppy Collection

The ground rumbles and buildings shake as Joel Rea returns to Makersplace with his giant puppy in tow. The iconic dogs of Joel Rea are both magnificent and malevolent. In this series of surreal allegorical paintings, the whimsical passage of a person’s youth is symbolised by Rea as an innocent giant puppy. The colossal juvenile intersects obstacles that represent themes of internal conflict and the competitiveness of the natural world.  Rea juxtaposes visual elements to create attention-grasping hyperreal stories.

MURAT SAYGINER- Dropping 6/24 @ 3:30 PM PT

Murat Saygıner is a self-taught digital artist who works as a motion designer, filmmaker, photographer and composer based in Ankara, Turkey. 

Born in Prague in 1989, Murat Saygıner got involved with photography and digital art in 2007 and won numerous international awards. As early as 2008, his works were selected for “IPA Best of Show” exhibition in New York and in 2010, he was awarded Emerging Talent of the Year in “The Photography Gala Awards”.

He has written, directed and produced several animated short films since 2013 which were screened in over 200 film festivals including Academy Award Qualifying Festivals such as “Animest” and “AIFVF”. Six of his films were Staff Picked on Vimeo. In 2019, he assembled ten of his short films under the title of “The Flying Fish” which drew various reviews by acclaimed film critics and received the Vitriol Award as the Best Experimental Film in The First Hermetic International Film Festival in Venice.

The Flying Fish

The Flying Fish is a set of short films created by Murat Saygıner over the span of seven years. Named after the alter-ego of the artist, the drop brings together seven films revolving around alternative states of the human condition. The artworks will be released over the course of 7 weeks.

The short films were screened in over 200 film festivals including Academy Award Qualifying Festivals such as “Animest” and “AIFVF”.

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