We are excited to introduce a week of epic Drops from lushsux, Murat Saygıner, Antonio García Villarán, David McLeod and The 7th Portal.


lushsux is Australia’s most prolific street artist, the world’s first official meme artist and founder of the meme movement, an undeniable force within today’s internet culture. Based in Melbourne, lushsux’s iconic, thought-provoking works can be found on walls, buildings and subway stations across the world.

Through his practice, lushsux has pushed graffiti and street art beyond its limits. No figure, concept or wall is safe from lushsux, whose satirical, and usually controversial, mural art have touched on everything from politics to pop icons, resulting in censorship or debate from some of the world’s most influential institutions and figures. His work has garnered the attention of many, including famed street artist Banksy, who has collaborated with lushsux on multiple occasions. His artwork, heavily influenced by meme culture and principles of virality, is witty, satirical, raw and thought provoking.

The 8 – Finale Drop

For this series, lushsux has joined forces with collector 888 to present an iconic portrait series of crypto society’s most impactful figures. Your LAST CHANCE to own one of the iconic 8.


Murat Saygıner is a self-taught digital artist who works as a motion designer, filmmaker, photographer and composer based in Ankara, Turkey. 

Born in Prague in 1989, Murat Saygıner got involved with photography and digital art in 2007 and won numerous international awards. As early as 2008, his works were selected for “IPA Best of Show” exhibition in New York and in 2010, he was awarded Emerging Talent of the Year in “The Photography Gala Awards”.

He has written, directed and produced several animated short films since 2013 which were screened in over 200 film festivals including Academy Award Qualifying Festivals such as “Animest” and “AIFVF”. Six of his films were Staff Picked on Vimeo. In 2019, he assembled ten of his short films under the title of “The Flying Fish” which drew various reviews by acclaimed film critics and received the Vitriol Award as the Best Experimental Film in The First Hermetic International Film Festival in Venice.

The Flying Fish

The Flying Fish is a set of select short films created by Murat Saygıner over the span of seven years. Named after the alter-ego of the artist, the drop brings together seven films revolving around alternative states of the human condition. The artworks will be released over the course of 7 weeks.

The short films were screened in over 200 film festivals including Academy Award Qualifying Festivals such as “Animest” and “AIFVF”.

Antonio García Villarán

Antonio García Villarán is an artist, educator, Arts Academy-founder, writer and one of the most recognizable art influencers within the Spanish speaking world.

Villarán has not only become a successful painter, but also a driving force of the Fine Arts world by dissecting and challenging, to many, the untouchable world of Arts. He is known for coining the term “Hamparte”, which is being taught in many schools, art institutes and academies that are embracing it as a game changing concept. He was the first ever Spanish language scholar to be commissioned by Google Arts & Culture, as well as a plethora of publications, radio stations, and television services.

Villarán has practiced and studied fine art extensively his entire life, and aside from starting his own Art Academy, has art and art theory to communities all over the world everywhere, from fine art academies to prisons and homes for disadvantaged youth. Antonio García Villarán lives and breathes Art in all forms.

Criptoarte 131313

A community dictated challenge “Criptoarte” 131313 comprises 13 artworks with 13 numbered copies for each one.
Each artwork has been created during a live creation session in Villarán’s Twitch and Instagram channels with the outcome of the creation being determined by every 13 words chosen by community.

David McLeod

David McLeod is an Australian multidisciplinary artist and motion designer currently based out of New York City. McLeod is celebrated for his hypnotic explorations of color, form and motion. McLeod has been commissioned by a number of prestigious brands including the BBC2 rebranding launch, Nike, Apple, Toyota, ATnT, Apple and Adobe. His artworks have been projected onto the The Centre Pompidou as a part of Air Max day in 2017. He’s also received multiple Type Directors Club and Art Directors Club awards.

Curiosity drives creation for McLeod who centers his artistic practice around digital experimentation through various materials, simulations and generative methods. McLeod is known for creating captivating 3D environments, typographic treatments and short format films characterized by vibrant palettes, transformative forms and organic, whimsical motion. McLeod’s style can be described as digital abstraction, and is heavily influenced by nature.

Growth Cycles

Growth Cycles is an ongoing exploration of imagined biological forms by David McLeod. 

Set in perpetual motion and shifting between moments of growth and decline, these artworks are totems to the cyclical nature of life. 

Available as limited edition NFTs through MakersPlace, each edition can exist as a digital, physical and virtual artwork within the metaverse.

The 7th Portal

More than twenty years before today’s blockchain-backed digital art revolution on the internet, Stan Lee had a vision for the future of digital comic art: A multiverse of superheroes and villains that would be born and live on the then brand-new World Wide Web.

Lee quickly embraced a vision of how the newly emerging entertainment medium of the internet would transform superhero entertainment, and placed all his focus and creativity to create the first internet-based superhero character franchises of his career.

Joining forces with a team of 100 of the best artists and animators in the world, Stan Lee introduced The 7th Portal– the first ever “webinar”, and the catalyst for digital art creation and consumption as we know it.

Learn more here.

Let The Game Begin…

A collection of some of the most significant pieces of internet-
based digital art history will be immortalized as NFTs in a full-circle, historical event.

The feature piece of the collection, “The 7th Portal – Webisode 1 – Let The Game Begin” in its entirety will be auctioned as a single edition NFT. This piece is not only the first episode in the historic 7th Portal franchise, but it is credited as being the first time the term “webisode” was ever used publicly to describe an animated series on the internet. The drop will also feature limited edition animated and still NFTs introducing the heroes and villains of the 7th Portal and giving collectors an opportunity to own these treasures of digital and internet art history.

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