Urs Fischer – Dropping 5/3 @ 3:30 PM PT

Urs Fischer is a giant of the contemporary art world and undoubtedly one of the most important artists working today. His work defies limits. In his own words, “anything can be used to create art—your mind, your hand, your elbow or toe.” This outlook makes his work engaging, playful, and timeless.

Fischer has exhibited internationally with leading galleries, including Gagosian, Sadie Coles HQ, London, Massimo de Carlo, Milan, The Modern Institute, Glasgow, Galerie Max Hetzler, Berlin and Jeffrey Deitch, New York and Los Angeles. Solo exhibitions at major museums include Palazzo Grassi, Venice; Kunsthalle Vienna; Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; Garage Museum, Moscow; Fondation Vincent Van Gogh, Arles; Legion of Honor, San Francisco; Aïshti Foundation, Beirut and has works in major private collections around the world. Fischer’s playful Untitled (Lamp/Bear) sculpture has become a landmark outright at Hamad International Airport, Doha.

Fischer was born in Switzerland and currently lives and works in New York

CHAOS #12- #16

Introducing CHAOS, 501 original works in the form of unique digital sculptures. Each NFT in CHAOS consists of two unique objects (an array of familiar objects to people today) that have been 3D scanned. They are set on a colliding course in motion and orbit. The sculptures, operating as an archeology of the present, are intended to manifest in any format that is capable of displaying, playing or showing a 3D sculpture in motion.

The culmination of the project is CHAOS #501, a single entity NFT uniting all one-thousand objects represented in #1-#500. Only a limited number of the 500 artworks will be available for purchase.

Trey Ratcliff – Dropping 5/4 @ 3:30 PM PT

Trey Ratcliff is a photographer, artist, writer and adventurer on a somewhat quixotic mission to help spread consciousness and mindfulness to the world through photography and creativity. Running the #1 travel photography blog in the world, StuckInCustoms.com, has taken him to all seven continents over the past decade, and Google has tracked more than 140 billion views of his photos, all while building a social media presence with over 7 million followers.

Chris Anderson from TED called him a “pioneer” of the genre of High Dynamic Range photography. Ratcliff had the first HDR photograph to hang in the Smithsonian Museum and, sales of his large-format limited edition prints to fine art collectors worldwide have grown into a multimillion-dollar business. In 2012, he moved to Queenstown, New Zealand, before it became a trendy doomsday contingency plan. In 2019 his Burning Man images were featured in the Smithsonian.

Trey has collectors of his fine art (a multi-million dollar business) from all around the world. These include everyone from knights to professional football players to celebrities like Edward Norton and Leonardo DiCaprio.Trey’s images examine the tension between this reality and another. He is driven to help spread consciousness and love around the world.

Trey Ratcliff’s Burning Man Drop

“I’ve been going to Burning Man for the last ten years in a row and I’ve discovered more about love and consciousness than I ever thought possible. I absolutely love going out to capture the surprising beauty that manifests itself in spontaneous ways, opening up minds and hearts in natural ways. This collection features some of my favorite moments of the last ten years.” 

 – Trey Ratcliff

Joel Rea – Dropping 5/5 @ 3:30 PM PT

Joel Rea is a highly acclaimed and multi award-winning artist known for his surreal, allegorical paintings. Rea’s oil on canvas works stand somewhere between genres of hyperrealism, photorealism and virtuosic Renaissance realism. From this amalgamation of influences, Rea has created a unique and recognisable style portraying social awareness and personal introspection through his impeccable execution of brush work detail.

Inspired by the mysteries of the animal kingdom and the Universe beyond, Rea’s meanings and narratives touch on the vast complexity of the human condition, presenting messages embracing the ageless turmoil of human inner consciousness and our species’ unwavering desire to survive. Rea combines contemporary visuals with qualities of the sublime in painting, provoking the deepest possible emotional response through technically achieved aesthetics.


The Tiger-Man gains a golden appearance symbolising a new historic stage of artistic prosperity. The art world’s union with technology lifts humanities’ virtue of creative expression in this exciting crypto art renaissance as Joel Rea rides his giant golden cats into MakersPlace.

Rea juxtaposes visual elements to create an attention-grabbing story. His paintings, both beautiful and savage, make the viewer wonder about the story presented on canvas. They freeze in the moment before the inevitable happens, leaving the viewer captivated in front of a dramatic and tragic scene. His works centre around issues of survival, climate change and extinction. Rea’s symbolism is accessible and understandable, but at the same time deep and comforting, a painless vivid dream with endless possibilities.

Pascal Blanche– Dropping 5/6 @ 3:30 PM PT

Pascal Blanche is a digital illustrator and sci-fi concept artist based in Montreal, Canada. Blanche is known across digital art communities for his hyper realistic depictions of unknown worlds which seamlessly blur the boundaries between fantasy and sci-fi worlds. His 3D renderings are extremely rich in detail, color and story.

Blanche’s artwork was named as a Zbrush Top Row Post of the year 2019 and he has received multiple awards from CGHub, CGTalk, and Artstation. His artworks have been exhibited in the Danese Corey Gallery’s LINE AND FRAME A Survey of European Comic Art, spotlighted on the cover for Heavymetal magazine, and sold as high end physical collectibles by the House of GOG.

The Three Wanderers

Wonder and danger collide in a story which is determined by you, the viewer and visual explorer. Prepare for a unique adventure in the mysterious and breathtaking world of Pascal Blanche.

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