We are excited to announce new Drops from Peter Mohrbacher and Justin Roiland, plus the launch of the Meta_VS / Beyond The Streets NFT art show which will be accompanied by Drops from POSE , Tim Conlon, Felipe Pantone, DABSMYLA, Mister Cartoon and Vhils, amongst a host of other amazing artists.

Dropping 4/5

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Dropping 4/6

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POSE and Tim Conlon’s genesis NFT collections. Two legendary graffiti writers turned art gallery stars, getting up in the digital world. You saw it first.

See more at  META_VS: A CRYPTO ART EXPERIENCE IN 3 METAVERSES, APRIL 5-10, 2021. 50+ Artists, 30+ Galleries Bridging the Traditional + Digital Art Worlds

Dropping 4/8

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Felipe Pantone’s digital graffiti and DABSMYLA’s NFT alphabet and characters. Merging the worlds of block chain and graffiti, art and technology, this new work won’t get buffed. Ever.

See more at  META_VS: A CRYPTO ART EXPERIENCE IN 3 METAVERSES, APRIL 5-10, 2021. 50+ Artists, 30+ Galleries Bridging the Traditional + Digital Art Worlds

Dropping 4/10

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Mister Cartoon and VHILS, both releasing NFTs. Let’s read that again. MISTER CARTOON and VHILS. Both artists have styles that literally blows sh*t up. These drops are no different. Now you know.

See more at  META_VS: A CRYPTO ART EXPERIENCE IN 3 METAVERSES, APRIL 5-10, 2021. 50+ Artists, 30+ Galleries Bridging the Traditional + Digital Art Worlds

Peter Mohrbacher

Peter Mohrbacher is a surrealist fantasy artist based in Florida who is best known for his Angelarium artworks —  wondrous interpretations of angels from various mythologies and cultures.

If you are a fan of Magic: The Gathering you’ve likely heard of Mohrbacher, whose artwork has been showcased throughout various collections, most notably the Return to Ravnica and Theros sets.

“I’m on a mission to help other artists pull away from a shrinking commercial market and guide them to build their own creations.”

Mohrbacher is a trail-blazer as an indie artist in the illustration world. He has been creating digital art for over 20 years, predating the actual introduction of paint tools within programs like Photoshop. His style is vivid and fantastical — It transports us to beautiful, mythological worlds full of color and delicately depicted characters. 

Angelarium: Emanations

For the first time ever, Mohrbacher will be releasing his origin story – The Angelarium Emanations that started it all. Inspired by the ancient teachings of Kabbalah, this is a complete collection of the ten Emanations of Ein Sof.

These giants represent the essential aspects of the human experience. Each one of them like a different ray of colored light split from a prism. In the Angelarium mythology, their unified form is depicted as a great tree floating among the clouds. The throne of existence.

Learn more here.

Justin Roiland

Justin Roiland is the Co-Creator of Adult Swim’s Rick & Morty, and Hulu’s Solar Opposites. He is also the Founder and CEO of Squanch Games. Justin is the first cryptoartist to break $1,000,000 on his genesis NFT collection.

Roiland’s artwork has made an indelible mark on pop culture. It incorporates comedy, science fiction and comic illustration to bring to you some of the world’s most iconic and beloved characters.

Intellectual Properties

Over the years I have filled many sketchbooks with ideas. I came across a few of them from 2008 and 2010. Who knows. Maybe these will all end up as TV shows still.

In this special series, Roiland brings us back to the beginning. An origin story that provides us with a glimpse of the drawings that started it all and would later evolve into the legendary Rick and Morty television show. An incredible chance to own a part of pop culture history.


On April 5 -10, 2021 the traditional contemporary art world collides with the emerging blockchain art community for a group exhibition across the metaverse. META_VS aims to inspire a new generation of collectors and art enthusiasts to explore limitless possibilities and offers the opportunity to purchase rare digital art backed by NFTs and the blockchain.

A special collection of artists from BEYOND THE STREETS will present new and first-ever NFTs via timed drops on MakersPlace: Join them on the MakersPlace platform starting April 6 for a series of special drops and find them in cryptovoxels for even more new work and activations exclusive to the Meta_VS event.


Jordan Nickel aka POSE is a Chicago based artist and forerunner of Chicago’s golden age
of graffiti. He is a modern pop artist who creates works that range from large-scale murals
to intricate bodies of work. While his work relies on harnessing very simple human emotions
like love, loss and triumph, it’s presented in a complex union of vivid colors and layered
application that aims for something much more profound than what’s at the literal, surface
level. POSE’s diversity as a visual artist is apparent in grandiose outdoor settings through
large-scale murals to the intricate bodies of work developed within his studio.

The Drop

BEYOND THE STREETS presents POSE’s genesis NFT collection. POSE continues to
diversify his visual language exploring the complexity of emotions coupled with vivid
layering through a digital lens. With the capabilities of animated manipulation, many of his
iconic artworks have been revisited with new color exportations, glitches, typography, color
washes, paint drips and more. Both Ends, Blot and Burn are the first digital artworks to be
created with the same energy POSE is known for, bringing each piece to life in special

Check out even more POSE works in META_VS: A CRYPTO ART EXPERIENCE IN 3
METAVERSES, APRIL 5-10, 2021. 50+ Artists, 30+ Galleries Bridging the Traditional and
Digital Art Worlds

Tim Conlon

Tim Conlon is a painter best known for his large-scale paintings, murals and sculptures. Conlon often depicts weathered freight trains adorned with graffiti in his photorealistic pieces. His work has been featured in the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, Corcoran Museum, as well as the “BEYOND THE STREETS” exhibits in both Los Angeles and New York. Conlon lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

The Drop

BEYOND THE STREETS presents Tim Conlon’s first digital block chain collection. Also known as CON, Conlon has spent more than 30 years painting and documenting freight trains found across the US. Featured here are the artist’s first digitally released artworks: three  B-Boy G-Scale train NFTs that build upon the collection auctioned at Sotheby’s in 2020. Each features his signature CON piece with classic B-Boy characters that are hallmarks of the trade. 

See more of Tim Conlon’s work in META_VS: A CRYPTO ART EXPERIENCE IN 3 METAVERSES, APRIL 5-10, 2021. 50+ Artists, 30+ Galleries Bridging the Traditional and Digital Art Worlds

Felipe Pantone

Based in Spain, Felipe Pantone is a byproduct of the technological age when kids unlocked life’s mysteries through the Internet. As a result of this prolonged screen time, he explores how the displacement of the light spectrum impacts color and repetition. Pantone evokes a spirit in his work that feels like a collision between an analog past and a digitized future, where human beings and machines will inevitably glitch alongside one another in a prism of neon gradients, geometric shapes, optical patterns, and jagged grids. Pantone utilizes modeling software in his practice which allows for 3D insights into projects, which then can be translated into frescoes, murals, paintings, and sculptures which give tactile merit to what is occurring in the digital world.

The Drop

BEYOND THE STREETS presents Felipe Pantone’s second iteration of The Graffiti Collection. Pantone’s continued interest in merging the worlds of block chain and graffiti is rooted in the importance of artistic ownership. Once an impossible capability within the scope of graffiti, through minting on the block chain any artist’s original works are protected and forever cemented in history. Pantone found his creative language originally through graffiti and today his contemporary work sits at the intersection of technology and art.


Husband-and-wife visual artists, DABSMYLA, employ a shared design language that dictates subject matter, positioning, color theory and perspective. With this established framework and unspoken set of rules their singular goal is to tell an expansive story that is wholly unique to their own experiences. Micro points-of-view get referenced in larger scopes of vision – creating an interconnectedness amongst paintings both big and small. Much in the same way a person unlocks a greater eye-scope as they lessen the zoom on a camera, one gets the understanding that a solitary subject is in fact but a minuscule element that makes up larger and recurring motifs.

The Drop

BEYOND THE STREETS presents DABSMYLA’s genesis NFT collection. DABSMYLA’s bond was formed over their united passion for art and graffiti. From the beginning of painting letters and characters on train lines in Melbourne twenty years ago to moving to Los Angeles and pursuing a studio practice, their work evolves from canvas to large scale outdoor installations. Their signature typography has become a staple within their work just as much as the evolution of many of their iconic characters. The DABSMYLA NFT collection features two of their most memorable characters Cosmic Cat and The Memorable One in addition to a full Alphabet series made up of 26 individual letters. 

Check out DABSMYLA’s secret garden in META_VS: A CRYPTO ART EXPERIENCE IN 3 METAVERSES, APRIL 5-10, 2021. 50+ Artists, 30+ Galleries Bridging the Traditional and Digital Art Worlds

Mister Cartoon

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Mister Cartoon was immersed in art from an early age. He began his career as a graffiti artist before branching into murals, album covers, logos, and now most famously known for his tattoos. His richly detailed, hand-rendered designs pull much of their inspiration from the Los Angeles of Cartoon’s youth. At one time, the black and grey, fine line style was synonymous with LA street life. Cartoon’s work has helped bridge the gap between those hardscrabble beginnings and the style’s current popularity. Stars such as Eminem, Travis Barker, Slash, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Beyoncé, along with athletes like CC Sabathia, Amarie Stoudemire and Carlos Boozer wear Cartoon’s art on their skin.

The Drop

BEYOND THE STREETS presents Mister Cartoon’s iconic L.A.’s Finest digital mural NFT. The original mural was a hand painted installation at the MOCA Los Angeles for the Art in the Streets exhibition in 2011. A world renowned celebrity tattoo artist and designer, Cartoon set his intentions to create a mural that would honor his roots in graffiti. Understanding graffiti’s ephemeral nature, Cartoon painted an elaborate mural that would only live for the duration of the MOCA show and true to street art style was destroyed at the closing of the exhibition. The mural features a romantic street fantasy collage, mirroring real life characters from Cartoon’s own life experiences. The LA’s Finest mural pays homage to Cartoon’s L.A. using Cartoons signature black and grey tattoo style with a centerpiece with that iconic Dodger blue.

Don’t miss Mister Cartoon’s epic “Grim Sleeper Impala” in META_VS: A CRYPTO ART EXPERIENCE IN 3 METAVERSES, APRIL 5-10, 2021. 50+ Artists, 30+ Galleries Bridging the Traditional and Digital Art Worlds


Alexandre Farto has been interacting visually with the urban environment under the name of Vhils since his days as a prolific graffiti writer in the early 2000s. Vhils has presented his work in over 40 countries in solo and group exhibitions, site-specific art interventions and projects in various contexts – from working with communities In Lisbon, Rio de Janeiro and Shanghai to collabs with Art institutions such as the Centre Pompidou (Paris), Barbican Centre (London) , CAFA Art Museum (Beijing), MAAT (Lisbon) or Palais de Tokyo (Paris) to 104 (Paris) , among others.An avid experimentalist, Vhils has been developing his personal aesthetics in a plurality of media besides his signature carving technique: from stencil painting to metal etching, from pyrotechnic explosions and video to sculptural installations. He has also directed several music videos, short films, and one stage production.

The Drop

BEYOND THE STREETS presents Alexandre Farto aka Vhils digital block chain collection. Vhils started on his path in contemporary art at an early age with a fascination of graffiti and writing his name – but he was compelled to further experiment with this ephemeral act and develop a deeper pictorial language within public spaces. Through a passion for exploration, Vhils has created one of the most unique visual languages of his time, literally breaking boundaries with his bas-relief carving techniques. Vhils brings this energy into the digital space with a collection of works created with explosive charges to reveal intricate portraits on the wall, forever capturing the exact moment of transformation. From initial detonation to existence these artworks are created in only 2000 frames per second and only through slow motion capture as a digital NFT can these works exist and be experienced in this analyzed perspective.

See even more of VHILS new work in META_VS: A CRYPTO ART EXPERIENCE IN 3 METAVERSES, APRIL 5-10, 2021. 50+ Artists, 30+ Galleries Bridging the Traditional and Digital Art Worlds

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