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On Halloween 2012, Trevor Andrew debuted the alter ego Guccighost — a bolt of Gucci fabric floating on a skateboard through NYC’s Lower East Side. Before long, his unique approach caught Gucci’s attention and kickstarted an ongoing collaboration, including high-end streetwear, visionary installations at flagship stores, and sold-out art shows in museums and galleries globally. Celebrity collectors of Guccighost designs and artwork include Madonna, The Rolling Stones, Beyonce, Courtney Kardashian, NAS, 2Chainz, Elton John, and more. 

Trevor built, a meticulous reproduction of his art studio in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, for this wide-reaching project. Now, this digital re-creation is being auctioned off in toto to a lucky collector who will own the Guccighost brand and legacy. This “miniverse” studio represents a nested NFT embedded with 386 digital re-creations of physical work sold during the Guccighost era. If the new owner sells one of these NFTs, it will disappear from the website. 

Guccighost has been the longest-running and most successful continuous collaboration Gucci has ever been involved with, and now it is coming to a close. After this NFT sale, Trevor Andrew will retire the Guccighost brand, assuring scarcity and increasing future valuations for the heir to the Guccighost legacy. Every asset, including the Guccighost website and Instagram account, will transfer to the NFT buyer. 

Collection ownership includes:
  1. Our Life of Ghost retrospective is the soul of the Guccighost legacy
  2. This sale includes the artist’s website
  3. 386 individual NFTs of his popular and celebrated designs
  4. This website has 2500 emails and followers
  5. The buyer gets the Guccighost Instagram (13K) social media accounts
  6. Recent MakersPlace raffle entry email list of 4000 Guccighost NFT fanatics
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