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Hackatao is a renowned and pioneering crypto art duo that are known across the community for their iconic “tattoo” creation style. Hackatao’s artworks span across mediums and artistic genres, yet almost always carry important social commentary, often centered psychology, humanity, the environment and crypto. Their artworks include a number of symbols, nods to pop culture and historic references.

Their name, Hackatao, is a combination of the words Hack for diving beyond the surface to discovery meanings and understandings, and Tao, a reference to the Yin and Yang of their creative dynamic balance. As early crypto art pioneers, the duo are amongst the most celebrated crypto art OGs and have consistently remained on the list for top 10 highest grossing crypto artists of all time. 

Queen of Art

Digital art duo Hackatao celebrate the impact and importance of women in art, across mediums in their Queen of Art series. An audiovisual ode to the great women creators of yesterday, today and tomorrow.


South Carolina graphic designer and motion artist Mike Winkelmann, better known as Beeple, has been creating a new artwork and posting it online for the world to enjoy – not missing a single day for the past 5,000 straight days.

Beeple’s artwork is rich with not-so-subtle symbolism, making predictions of tomorrow, based on today’s truths. He addresses a myriad of social contradictions and absurdities, exploring themes like society’s concurrent obsession and fear of technology, desire and resentment towards wealth, and of course the political turbulence of the recent years through a grotesque, hypnotizing, digital style. He’s recently made digital art history with the unprecedented 69.3 million sale of the first purely digital NFT to be sold by a fine art auction house (Christie’s, in partnership with MakersPlace), the third largest sale by any living artist.

Corridor Digital

Corridor Digital is a production team of internet aficionados known for their out-of-this-world content creation. Founded by Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer in 2010, the group has made a number of viral short-form videos exploring a host of pop-culturally relevant topics through a souped-up special effects lens. The group has won awards at several Streamys, including the “Visual and Special Effects Award” in 2017. Corridor has a massive global following with 8.8 million Youtube subscribers (and counting).

The 2-Hour Portrait

Beeple has teamed up with Corridor Digital to shine a light on the love of the process. Through
love we find consistency, and through consistency we find quality. With quality we can do good.

“The 2-Hour Portrait” is an exploration of Beeple’s philosophy of daily creation, led by the man himself. Joined by the Corridor Crew – Niko Pueringer, Sam Gorski, Wren Weichman, Clinton Jones, and Peter France – artists were paired up and given two hours to create a self-portrait.

At the end of those two hours, a jpeg had to be loaded on a flash drive and placed in a suitcase,
which was then sealed. This no-excuses process celebrates creation and denies perfection,
stating that the value of a piece comes not from technical precision and mastery, but from the
emotion put into the creation.

In honor of the lives lost during the pandemic, 100% of the proceeds of this sale will go to
COVID-19 charities, with Direct Relief (http://directrelief.org/) being the main beneficiary.

A. L. Crego

A. L. Crego is without a doubt a 21st century digital art revolutionary. His innovative gif artworks blend the physical and digital realms of art, providing mesmeric visuals, with perfect loops, that pull you in and make you think deeply.

This fresh approach to gif-art as an artistic genre has captured the attention of patrons and publications across the world. Despite intentionally staying away from social media, he’s managed to achieve internet virality. His artwork has been a constant topic of discussion on Vice, as well as ArchDaily and BoredPanda. His artworks have been exhibited across the globe and he’s done commissioned work for Vice, Nissan, Espolon, Perrier, international newspapers, and art blogs.

Digital Public Space

A. L. Crego teams up with a number of renowned street artists from around the world to bring his pioneering GIF art experiences from the screen to the streets and back again. The works of international street artists SOKRAM, LIDIA CAO, MØU, ARYZ, PHLEGM and FAITH47 are brought to life through the mesmerizing GIF magic of A. L. Crego, making for the first ever digital murals to bless the blockchain.

Arben Vllasaliu

Arben Vllasaliu is a 3D artist and motion designer from Kosovo, now based in Basel, Switzerland. He is known for his enthralling animation artworks which simultaneously hypnotize and satisfy the mind. His artwork blends aspects of expressionism, surrealism and abstraction for a fully satiating effect. Experimental in nature, Vllasaliu style breaks boundaries and is constantly transforming: Sometimes subtle and soft, other times sharp with contrast and saturation.

Vllasliu’s creations have garnered international praise and he’s done a number of collaborations with huge names such as Justin Beiber and brands like Twitter Art House, Dr. Pepper: Canada Dry and more. He’s received multiple awards including TheWebby and TheOneShow / ADC Awards.


Inspired by the legendary PC game “Counter-Strike 1.6”, COMPULSION presents Vllasaliu take on the iconic games found within the game, portrayed in a compltely novel, almost opposite, style and feeling. The addictive and satisfying nature of the game is expressed through a number of attention-grabbing artworks.

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