This week’s Drops were centered around women empowerment and heroism. We had the honor to release the newest collections from a number of amazing artist: Anna Zhilyaeva, Katy Arrington, José Delbo and Hackatao

José Delbo x Hackatao – Heroines

José Delbo is an Argentinian born comic artist who has illustrated a number of Silver and Bronze Age comic classics — Wonder Woman, Batman, Transformers, The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine comic book, Billy The Kid, just to name a few.

Hackatao is a renowned artists duo born in Milan in 2007, pioneering the crypto art space since 2018. “Hack” for the pleasure of discovering what’s hidden under the skin; “Tao” for Yin and Yang, their creative dynamic balance. The harmonious and continuous flow of drawings, at times recalling the graffiti art in the play of fluxes and connections, finds its “cage “and home in the very defined pop borders and figures, resulting in a uniform visual whole.

In their collaborative series, Heroines, José Delbo and Hackatao present a visual ode and celebration of the women of our world and the heroism each one possesses. Inspired by real-life heroines who have changed the world throughout history, this series uses one of the best known heroines and an accumulation of other important women throughout history to relay a crucial message: ALL women are strong and should always feel empowered.

José Delbo x Hackatao’s Heroines Drop resulted in a total of $1.85 million in gross sales, including a $23,196 donation to Girls Who Code.

Heroines – Stand Out (10/10)

Editions 1 and 2 were reserved for the artists, editions 3-9 were given away to raffle winners and top collectors of the open editions, and edition 10 was auctioned for a 15 ETH (~$23,196), which was donated to Girls Who Code.

Heroines – Weight Of The World (1/1)

Acquired by collector 888 for 148.888 ETH (~$228,372)

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Heroines – Together We Stand (1/1)

Acquired by collector 888 for 88.888 ETH (~$136,341)

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Heroines – Shine Bright (Open Limited Edition)

151 editions sold to 129 collectors at $2,999/edition, resulting in a sales total of $452,849.

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Heroines – Superstars (Open Limited Edition)

127 editions sold to 107 collectors at $2,999/edition, resulting in a sales total of $380,873.

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Heroines – Classic Edition (Open Limited Edition)

275 editions sold to 203 collectors at $999/edition, resulting in a sales total of $274,725.

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Heroines – Carry The World Forward (Open Limited Edition)

358 editions sold to 259 collectors at $999/edition, resulting in a sales total of $357,642.

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Anna Zhilyaeva – Unsuspected stories

Anna Zhilyaeva, also known as AnnaDreamBrush, is an immersive artist leading the way in virtual reality painting performance and mixed reality video art. Inspired by her extensive background in classical fine art and new exposures to virtual reality technology, Zhilayeava sought to build a bridge between the two disciplines thus creating “Volumism,” a new form of painting, which uses VR technology to go far beyond the physical limitations of classic 2D painting. Zhilyaeva has given live VR painting performances at the Louvre Museum and the Worldskills Competition in front of 45,000+ audience members.

“The world is full of stories and everyone has their own. They weave our lives. They are sweet, sour, bitter. They make us human. They immerse us in happiness or push us into sadness.”

A magical new series from Anna Zhilyaeva, Unsuspected stories, takes us on an enchanted journey introducing to a number of mystical beings, each with a unique story to tell. In this series, Zhilyaeva uses a fantastic blend of imagery, color, volume and movement to pick at our heartstrings and transport us to new worlds.

Anna Zhilyaeva’s Unsuspected Stories Drop resulted in a total of $159,958 in gross sales.

Summer elf (1/1)

Acquired by collector moderats for 27.77 ETH (~$44,656).

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Pixies Colors (5/5)

Editions 1-4 sold for 4 ETH (~$5,951) to collectors sterstarr, Mindblocker, OY and L_Zerga_Collective. The final edition sold to collector moderats for 14.55 ETH (~$22,582), with total sales from the editions amounting to 30.55 ETH (~$46,386).

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Connection (Open Limited Edition)

109 editions sold to 99 collectors at $1599/edition, resulting in a sales total of $174, 291.

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Katy Arrington- Bull vs Bear

Katy Arrington is a well-known illustrator and digital painter based in Jakarta, Indonesia. She has gained a massive following for her anime style characters who vary in style from cute and kawaii, to eerie and evil. Arrington’s artwork speaks to themes of empowerment and fully embracing femininity. Her artwork is bright, vivid, sensual and full of life with each one containing a plethora of bold colors and undeniable personality.

“I hope with these characters, the audience can relate to one or both of these characters and feel like they are fighting for what they believe in. The main piece, however, represents the balance of the market and I want to leave the audience with suspense.”

In the Bull vs. Bear series, Arrington introduces two new characters Bull-san and Bear-chan, who represent two opposing forces in the financial market. Reminiscent of the “select screen” found in video games, two artworks act as introductions to each character while the third, showcase creation, presents the two characters in an epic showdown, with weapons blazing and magic revealed.

Katy Arrington’s Bull vs Bear Drop resulted in a total of $159,958 in gross sales.

Market Showdown (1/1)

Acquired by collector Andrea Armanni for $15,000

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Bull-san (Open Limited Edition)

130 editions sold to 114 collectors at $599/edition, resulting in a sales total of $77,870,

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112 editions sold to 90 collectors at $599/edition, resulting in a sales total of $67,088.

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