Instructions: MakersPlace x Beeple Drop

Today, legendary digital artist Beeple is treating the MakersPlace community to an extra special drop in celebration of his historic auction at Christies: The 5000 Days Selects, an accumulation of 333 everydays handpicked by Beeple that highlight his evolution as an artist. Thousands of collectors around the world will be competing to claim one of the 105 editions (which are being sold for only $1).

Please be aware that due to the high demand of this Drop there is a very high chance that most who participate will not be able to purchase an edition.

How does it work?

The first 105 collectors who click to purchase the artwork right at 4pm PST / 7pm EST will receive a 60 second reservation to purchase the artwork. You must complete the entire purchase within 60 seconds, otherwise you will lose your reservation. During this time you can enter your credit card information or use an Ethereum wallet to complete the purchase.

Additional Important Details

Below are some things you should know to improve your chances of success with today’s Drop. 

  • Register and log into your MakersPlace account before the Drop.
  • Verify your email. This is required to participate in the Drop. If verified, you should see a green check mark next to your email in account settings. If you do not see the green check, simply click “Confirm your email” and click through the email you receive from MakersPlace. Check your spam folder if you don’t see the email.
  • Reservation system—Our Drops operate on a “reservation system”, meaning the first 105 people to click purchase will have 60 seconds to complete their purchase. If you’ve successfully secured a reservation, then you will see a purchase window with a countdown timer. Do not close this window, you will lose your reservation.
  • Payment — You will be able to pay with either ETH or credit card. If you successfully reserved your artwork, you will have 1 minute to input your credit card information or choose your digital wallet, so be sure you have it on hand. If you pay with ETH, select the highest gas to ensure that your transaction completes in time.
  • One purchase per person—To ensure fairness, we are allowing for only one purchase of the Drop per registered user.
  • Purchase button enables automatically— At Drop time (4PM PST), the Purchase button will automatically enable, you do not need to refresh the page.
  • Special rules to combat bots and automation— The team has put in place a number of mechanisms to prevent bots and automation. If you try to automate you might miss out on the entire drop, please play nice.

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  1. Hey guys, love your site and the artists <3
    But next time, can you put this kind article in the newsletter/notification you sent us for the drops. That would be super useful. I ran around like a maniac for an hour trying to get a piece of art…

    Thanks, keep up the good work!

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