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Katy Arrington

Katy Arrington is a well-known illustrator and digital painter based in Jakarta, Indonesia. She has gained a massive following for her anime style characters who vary in style from cute and kawaii, to eerie and evil. Some of her most popular work seeks to bring these characters into the world of crypto, by incorporating various coins into her characters’ personas.

Arrington’s artwork speaks to themes of empowerment and fully embracing femininity. Her artwork is bright, vivid, sensual and full of life with each one containing a plethora of bold colors and undeniable personality. Arrington is inspired by the many forms of anime art from Kawaii (Japanese cuteness culture), to the beautiful and strange. Her works can be described as everything from beautiful, strange, cute, creepy, joyous and even twisted.

Bull vs. Bear

“I hope with these characters, the audience can relate to one or both of these characters and feel like they are fighting for what they believe in. The main piece, however, represents the balance of the market and I want to leave the audience with suspense.”

In the Bull vs. Bear series, Arrington introduces two new characters Bull-san and Bear-chan, who represent two opposing forces in the financial market. Reminiscent of the “select screen” found in video games, two artworks act as introductions to each character while the third, showcase creation, presents the two characters in an epic showdown, with weapons blazing and magic revealed. 

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Anna Zhilyaeva

Anna Zhilyaeva, also known as AnnaDreamBrush, is an immersive artist leading the way in Virtual Reality painting performance and mixed reality video art. Zhilyaeva is a pioneer of “Volumism”, a new form of painting which combines classical painting, sculpture, technology, music and dance. Zhilyaeva uses cutting edge VR technology to create mesmerizing 3D paintings and visual experiences in front of huge crowds of thousands of viewers, presenting visual experiences unlike anything most of us have ever imagined. 

Her revolutionary artworks and performances have been praised and witnessed the world, including a 3D live interpretation of “Liberty Leading the People” (Eugène Delacroix) at the prestigious Louvre Museum. In 2019, she opened the Worldskills Competition with a VR painting performance in front of 45,000+ audience members. Zhilyaeva has also worked with Prada, HTC, Vive, Google, IBM, and Microsoft, and a number of other global brands on ground breaking VR art projects.

Unsuspected stories

“The world is full of stories and everyone has their own. They weave our lives. They are sweet, sour, bitter. They make us human. They immerse us in happiness or push us into sadness.”

A magical new series from Anna Zhilyaeva, Unsuspected stories, takes us on a enchanted journey where we are introduced to a number of mystical beings, each with a unique store to tell. In this series, Zhilyaeva uses a fantastic blend of imagery, color, volume and movement to pick at our heartstrings and transport us to new worlds. 

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