Jock is an award winning British cartoonist with a distinct style and cult following. He is known for his work on 2000 ADThe LosersWytches and more recently Batman and Wolverine. Jock’s artistic endeavors have expanded beyond the comic art world and include the creation of key art, concept design, and marketing images for Hollywood films like Iron Man 3, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Dredd, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and Ex Machina.

Jock’s unique style and contemporary approach to comic art has catapulted him into superstardom within the genre. He is known for his bold, impressionistic line work and surrealist take on comic illustration which has efficiently propelled the movement into the future. 

Dark Knight Rises, Official Screen Print, 2012. by Jock
The Losers, Promo Poster, 2010. WB Pictures by Jock

Notable Sales

We’re excited to share that this new series is Jock’s first ever artworks to be minted and sold on the blockchain. Many of Jock’s iconic cover artworks have gained popularity among collectors, with originals from his work on Batman, Avengers and others selling for $1,400+.

In The News


A homage to one of the world’s most iconic villains, Jock provides a new perspective into the life of a notorious, perhaps misunderstood, bad guy through his painterly, emotional presentation of this beloved (and feared) character. This series inspires deep introspection and reflection on concepts of good vs evil, calling attention to how both entities manifest within each of us.


Editions: Open Limited Edition
Pricing: $499

* Artwork will be available for purchase for 15 minutes only, from 3:30 PM PST to 3:45 PM PST on 2/25

View full artwork >>


Editions: One
Pricing: Accepting Offers Only

* Auction will close 7PM PST on Friday 2/26

View full artwork >>


Editions: 10
Pricing: 0.5 ETH (~$800)

*Final edition will be auctioned
**Prices may vary depending on the ETH/USD value at the time of the drop

View full artwork >>

Set your Clocks — 2/25 @ 3:30pm PST

If you wish to score one of these artworks, we recommend showing up ahead of the drop time and being ready to immediately purchase the artwork. Here are some tips to secure one of these limited edition artworks:

  1. Have your funds, digital wallet and credit card all ready on hand. You will need to create an account if purchasing with a credit card, we recommend doing this ahead of time.
  2. Bookmark the artwork pages. We will be sharing these links up to an hour before the time of the drop to those interested.
  3. Once the artwork is available for purchase, click the purchase button to reserve your edition. You will have 1 minute to complete your purchase, at which point the artwork will be made available to other collectors.

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