Kidmograph is an illustrator, motion designer and art director based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Working in the mograph industry for over 20 years, Kidmograph has worked with clients like Apple, Honda, Adidas, , Tumblr, Toyota, Instagram, Gucci and created stunning visuals for performing artists like Kanye West, Justin Bieber, The Strokes and many others. 

Kidmograph’s ever evolving, eclectic style is a result of an explosion of mediums and inspirations. His ambient artwork is deeply influenced by nature, human existence, dreams, unexplainable phenoms, feelings, music, and cinema. It evokes deep contemplation of the human experience and contains strong nostalgic aesthetics. Kidmograph’s practice is centered around experimentation, finding unique, novel forms of digital storytelling through multi-faceted design. 

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Notable Sales

Last December, Kidmograph introduced his collection WITNESS which sold out immediately with significant demand on the secondary market: His 1/1 creation, Ethereum Tree, saw a +566.67% increase from its primary market sale price of $1,800, increasing to $12,000 on the secondary market. Kidmograph’s editioned 10/10 artwork saw a +267% value increase from $350 to an average $1,284 on the secondary market.


“I see my art as something that follows my daily feelings. That changes over time, adapts itself to new ways to communicate. This series has a clear and concrete visual intention to be simple, yet fluid and eerie. Mysterious but familiar at the same time.”

MIND BODY SOUL expresses the endless transformation that takes place between the human and our primitive representations.A story rich in symbolism, defined by shape (mind-sphere, body- square, soul-triangle), with eerie, strange, demi-god entities representing these symbols. An invitation to look deeper into connections of all kind, whether it’s with our on selves, the world around us, or dimensions beyond. This artwork peels back the layers that reside within us.

 This artwork features original music by the artist.

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Editions: 1
Pricing: Accepting offers only

* Auction will close Wednesday 2/24 at 8PM PST


Editions: 10
Pricing: 0.28 ETH (~$480)

*Final edition will be auctioned
*Prices may vary depending on the ETH/USD value at the time of the drop


Editions: Limited open edition
Pricing: $399

* Artwork will be available for purchase for 15 minutes only, from 3:30 PM PST to 3:45 PM PST on 2/23

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