We’re excited to announce new original artworks by Kidmograph and Roger Kilimanjaro. All works are original and exclusively created and offered through MakersPlace.

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Kidmograph is an illustrator, motion designer and art director based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Working in the mograph industry for over 20 years, Kidmograph has worked with clients like Apple, Honda, Adidas, , Tumblr, Toyota, Instagram, Gucci and created stunning visuals for performing artists like Kanye West, Justin Bieber, The Strokes and many others. 

Kidmograph’s eclectic style is a result of an explosion of mediums and inspirations. His artwork is deeply influenced by nature, human existence, dreams, unexplainable phenoms, feelings, music, and cinema. Kidmograph’s practice is centered around experimentation, finding unique, novel forms of storytelling. 


MIND BODY SOUL expresses the endless transformation that takes place between the human and a primitive representation. A story rich in symbolism, defined by shape (mind-sphere, body- square, soul-triangle), with eerie, strange, demi-god entities representing these symbols. An invitation to look deeper into connections, whether it’s with ourselves, the world around us, or dimensions beyond. 

 This artwork features original music by the artist.

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Roger Kilimanjaro

Roger Kilimanjaro is a motion designer and CG/3D artist based in Paris, France who is known for making “cool loops for cool people.” Kilimanjaro has worked with a number of premium brands such as Spotify, Converse, and Prada. His artwork has been displayed in various exhibitions around the world from Melbourne to London, Paris to Madrid.

Kilimanjaro’s artworks present visual pleasure with a touch of surrealism. His loops are extremely satisfying and elegant. Crisp and refined, Kilimanjaro’s artwork is inspired by the often unappreciated intricacies of physical interactions between everyday objects. 

Gold Curiosities

Gold Curiosities embarks on a deep exploration into one of history’s most desired objects — Gold. These deliciously decadent artworks provide a number of intricate visual studies on everything gold. An in-depth look at everything GOLD, from material, tactile, form, physical interaction and more, presented in a Kilimanjaro’s satisfying surrealist style. 

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