We started MakersPlace 3 years ago with the mission to build a better future for digital creativity. It was a problem we saw and experienced first hand for years, digital creator’s works being stolen, misappropriated and undervalued. Artists would have to garner millions of views and hope to monetize that, because the digital creations themselves afforded no value to consumers. We knew there had to be a better way, and we set out to solve this.

The path wasn’t easy, like a body rejecting a foreign object, it seemed to be the case that this was a completely foreign concept. The idea of digital ownership was difficult to grasp for the mainstream. However, over the past year, we’ve seen an onslaught of inflection points in this understanding, accompanied by a never-ending wave of interest each week. This has also come in the form of record-breaking sales sweeping the Crypto Art scene with collectors finally valuing and collecting digital art based on the very same principles that guide the collecting of a physical artwork: authenticity, scarcity and ownership.

It was only a matter of time that the mainstream art world would take interest…

Christie’s + Beeple + MakersPlace

Today we’re excited to announce our historic partnership with Christie’s, the world’s leading auction house and purveyor of the arts, to introduce Everydays: The First 5000 Days, by digital art legend Beeple. This auction is the first ever purely digital artwork to be auctioned by a top auction house. To us, this event is historic not only for the recognition of digital art and its value, but most importantly the opportunity this will bring to the future of digital creativity — a turbo charger for the digital art movement.

Who better to represent this movement than Beeple, a digital arts pioneer, creator and educator known for his inspiring Everydays. Beeple has helped shape digital art culture for over a decade with his dedication — an oath to the internet that he would, no matter what, create an artwork and improve every single day. 13+ years and 5000+ drawings later and Beeple is still at it with his Everydays transforming lives and industries for the better.

The auction is open for viewing and will run from 2/25 to 3/11.


Celebrating Digital Art of all Forms: A Month of Art Drops

The doors for digital art have been swung open and the possibilities are endless. With the Beeple x Christie’s auction running from February 25th to March 11th 2021, we’ll be celebrating this with a month of exciting art drops that highlight the diversity of styles by the world’s leading digital artists.

Over the coming weeks, we aim to highlight the vast possibilities of digital art by showcasing original, never-before-seen artworks multiple times each week from artists such as:

Kidmograph — A motion designer and digital illustrator based in Argentina who has collaborated with Apple, Honda, Adidas, Justin Bieber, The Strokes, Tumblr, Toyota, Instagram, and others.

Roger Kilimanjaro — A CG/3D artist based in Paris, France who is known for his “cool loops” which blend visual pleasure and satisfaction with a touch of surrealism.

JOCK — An award winning British cartoonist with a distinct style and cult following, JOCK is known for his work on 2000 AD, The Losers, Wytches and more recently Batman and Wolverine.

Anna Zhilyaeva — A VR performance painter who blends principles of fine art and VR technology through “volumism”. French-Russian artist Zhilyaeva has given live painting performances at the Louvre Museum and in front of audiences of over 45,000 people at the Worldskills Competition in Russia.

Katy Arrington — One of the most celebrated illustrators within the crypto art space, Indonesia-based Arrington is known for her characters which combine elements of sensuality and female empowerment. 

José Delbo x Hackatao— José Delbo, a legendary silver/bronze age comic artist is best known for his work on Wonder Woman, Billy The Kid, The Transformers, even the Beatles Yellow Submarine comic book. Delbo joins forces with Hackatao, a renowned and pioneering crypto art duo of illustrators known for their iconic style which spans across mediums and carries important social commentary.

…more artists to be announced soon!

This is sure to be a month to remember for the rare digital art movement. Join us in celebrating this major milestone as we continue to bridge the shrinking gap between Digital Art and Physical Art.

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