“I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.”
 — Maya Angelou, “Phenomenal Woman”

MakersPlace is excited to announce the Venus of Metaverse exhibition, a multi-gallery, multi-metaverse celebration of Women in the CryptoArt Space!

The crypto art space is filled with a plethora of amazing women artists with varying backgrounds and styles, that too often fly under the radar. With this exhibition, we hope to shine a well-deserved spotlight on these amazing women creators and their contributions to the crypto art/rare digital art movement. 

Nine galleries across meta-verses will spotlight the work of over 130 women artists from across platforms, whose artworks highlight the immense amount of talent, diversity of style and undeniable artistic impact coming from women artists in the digital art / NFT art space.

Mark your calendars for opening weekend, March 13-15th. Each day we will be celebrating with a virtual toast to the artists, walk through of the gallery and community discussion of the works within on the MakersPlace Discord.


Zardoz Gallery – (Cryptovoxels)

Mar EThe Moult
Dawnia DarkstoneThe Gallery
Flavia Ceccarelli Sorry to see you go
Helena SarinGANcommedia Erudita: #scarabocchiLatenti
Iren LesikAdulthood
SorrellCKHeadless Relief
Marina VictoriaUntitled
Ruth AllenIt’s Not Clouds in My Coffee
Jessica EschPainting in my mind

Studio Pearl  (Cryptovoxels) 

Featuring the works of Claire Noelle, Grace Ng, Ina Vare, Juliette Grimaldi, LUVRworldwide, Moyosore Briggs, Orla in Berlin and Stina Jones

One BC Galleries (Cryptovoxels – First Floor)

Ceren Yuzgul The Recreation of Dali
Luisa Espiñeira Trying to breath
Nadia Forkosh woman.point of view
Myra The Foyer
luluxXX buste. luluxXX
squirterer Toxic
Inês Merino Poisonous Hand
Amber Vittoria I’m Petrified, I Know Where I’m Going, Changed My Mind To Change it Back
Anna Zhilyaeva Still Life with Condoms
Shu Lea Cheang Bionet Baby
Katy Arrington Kiwi, Banana, Grapes
black sneakers in the crowd, i only think of you
Vision Vandal It’s Chill
Silvana Delbo Searching for Peace, Owl You Doing?, Fish Art
Hackatao Queen of ART
Eleven I Wish You Could See Yourself The Way I Do
Cyber Shakti Spinning Dream
Shin Oh Nocturne
Ruth Allen The Waking Universe
Isa Kost, Barbara Tosti, Serste, Cristiana Vettor and Vanesa Stati. Venus Skins
Beryl Bilici Covered

Alexandra RubioGinkgo Leaf
Greta BratInanna
Hola LouFound balance, its on the other side’
Nika Danny – Singularity
Gerdana NeisKeep the World with Love from our Hearts
Pirate SheepClustering
Blanca Gervilla MartinezDemons
Afr0dita – Venus
The Cetacean Goddess – passing through night
Veronika VajdovaGently
Kristy GlasVΞNU5
Kitty BastThey Tricked me…

Joy Multiplication – (Cryptovoxels)

Multiple Works by BlackBoxDotArt, Maria Garcia and Beatriz


Perla Gallery – (Decentraland)

The works of Sparrow, Stellabelle, Thebadlament, Angie Taylor, Kristy Glas, Laura Bench, CrypticFauna, lesCogumelos, hairofmedusa, Gerdana Neis

Narra Gallery (Decentraland, 4TH FLOOR)

Karen Frances Eng Emergence
Mehak Jain Egyptian Queen Nefertiti
Mrs Kitols Dartboard Green
Alena Red Vapour
EM! (Emi Shida) Gokuraku Metaverse
Laura Camellini Alien Floating City
Kathrina Rupit Voodo Queen

Beryl Bilici Covered
Jenny Mandl Diana
Orabelart Her Dearest Treasure
Claire Silver generative age
Veronika Vajdova Gently
Luisa Espiñeira Trying to breath
Bárbara Bezina Beloved Water
Cryptoyuna Lana
Voke Eruvwu 2
Indrani Mitra Blurred Lines
Maria Menshikova Blank Space (Black)
Yana Tselinsky Salome
Gerdana Neis Keep The World With Love From Our Hearts
Dunja Jung Portrait of an artist

ChiccArt (Decentraland)

Abbey Orsler Flame
Orla in Berlin Lucent Monuments
Tansie Stephens Color Tech God

Sofia Ramirez Child of the Forest, Herencia, The Big Blue
Ann Ahoy Dashing Venus
Angel (Kaowdraws) Dreamscape, Patience, Angel
Ally Grimm Fathxm
Alejandra Her Perhaps
Lapin Mignon Anatomie de Venus

Sarah PU51FLY 70s Magic

Joëlle Fragments Nº 1, Fragments Nº 2

Tosca (@STosca2) Rhapsody bouquet

Melytja (@Melytja1) Femminilità

Tara Digital Collective (Artsy)

artonomous – Sarah MMXX

Luna Ikuta – Fargesia Bamboo

Sarah Zucker – Lick This Lotus

Orfhlaith Egan – Lucent Monuments

Alejandra Herrera – When I Look at You

Valentina Loffredo – Quest from “The Way In” series

Mahima Chaudhury – Crossing Dimensions to Fill the Void

Kristy Glas – A Lost Temple

Shirley Gong – No Longer Human ⅖

Shu Lea Cheang – BioNet Blood Cell 8/10

Bárbara Bezina – La Centella collab with Bruno Nacif

Hilal Yasti – Warrior II

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