“I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.”
 — Maya Angelou, “Phenomenal Woman”

We are excited to announce the Venus of Metaverse exhibition, a multi-gallery, multi-metaverse celebration of Women in the CryptoArt Space!

The crypto art space is filled with a plethora of amazing women artists with varying backgrounds and styles, that too often fly under the radar. With this exhibition, we hope to shine a well-deserved spotlight on these amazing women creators and their contributions to the crypto art/rare digital art movement. 

If you are a female identifying artist who would like to participate…

We are calling on all women creators to submit a creation to be showcased in this celebration. Please submit your proposed artwork on through this form by 11:59 PST, February 26th 2021. 

*If you are an artist who is not already registered on MakersPlace, feel free to still submit a form, there is a good chance we will still be able to include it in the exhibition.

If you are a gallery owner who would like to be a part of this exhibition….

Please fill out the following form by 11:59 PST February 22nd or reach out to aisha@makersplace.com directly. 

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