We’re excited to announce new original artworks by Mark McKenna and a special collaboration creation by Andreas Lilja, NikaDanny and Isaria. All works are original and exclusively created and offered through MakersPlace.

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Mark McKenna

Mark McKenna is a globally acclaimed American comic artist who has been creating comic art for over three decades. McKenna is a 2012 Inkwell Hall of Fame resident and is one of the most prolific comic artists of the 90s, with over 1000 comic book related titles to his name. 

Having worked extensively for both Marvel and DC comics, McKenna’s artwork can be found within the pages of some of the worlds most influential comic books, such as X-Men, Spider Man, Batman, The Justice League, Dead Pool and Star Wars. You can also find his work in Legendary Pictures’ Pacific Rim movie prequel and Dark Horse Comic’s Star Wars-The Old Republic: The Lost Suns. His artwork from an online web comic, Star Wars: Blood of the Empire, was transformed into an 84 page paperback and served as inspiration for The Old Republic video game.

In a Galaxy Far Far Away

A continuation of his instant sell-out debut series, McKenna brings us back to the Galaxy Far Far Away, introducing a combination of classic characters in modern day situations– A dose of relatability infused into the iconic world that has dominated most of our daydreams. This series is meant to evoke humor and lightheartedness in regards to the turbulent times we are facing here on Planet Earth.

Andreas Lilja

Andreas Lilja is an experimental digital artist and animator who has become well-known in the crypto art space for the plethora of stunning collaborations he has taken part in — including a recent collaboration with Peter Mohrbacher. Lilja’s style is versatile and adaptable. He is able to seamlessly adjust it to complement the artist he is collaborating with, while still maintaining a unique distinctness — a difficult quality for many to achieve. 

His artistic tool box spans across analogue to artificial intelligence, with an ever expanding approach to his craft. No two artworks of Lilja’s are the same, with novelty, surprise and experimentation serving as major themes across creations. 


NikaDanny is a self-taught digital artist based in Russia. Her distinct illustration style has caught the attention of anime art lovers across the crypto art space who are drawn to her candy color schemes and playful subject matter.

NikaDanny’s artwork is rich with emotion, with each character depicted portraying a strong, stand alone personality and back story. The fine line between innocence and sensuality is blurred through her delicate exploration of humanity. 


Isaria is a multidisciplinary creator: A visual artist, musician, and composer/director of music for the Blockchain game, Splinterlands. Through her cryptoart, Isaria blends her passions and combines mediums to bring viewers one of a kind audio-visual experiences. Her artwork consists of digital music videos and moving image art, as well as static illustrations. 

Isaria is inspired by all things other-worldly. Her artwork combines elements of surrealism with concepts deemed alien, strange and atmospheric. Through her creations, Isaria seeks to explore the “darker emotions of existence sprinkled with shattered pieces of optimism.”


Down in her soul, a deep sense and feeling of remorse and anger. She was filled with so many emotions and had a story that needed to be told.

A meeting of great minds: Sounds by Isaria, Illustration by NikaDanny and Animation by Andreas Lilja

The inception of this project stemmed from Andreas Lilja’s discovery of NikaDanny’s powerful portrait- a melancholic yet strong image he could not shake from his mind. Lilja later came across the equally moving track “Erase U” from Isaria’s album “Shattered Pieces of Optimism” and felt as if a puzzle was being completed before his eyes. Joining forces with the two talented creators, Lilja set forth to put together the pieces of this soulful story to share with the world. Erase is the result. 

Erase starts as a story of pain, sorrow and heartbreak that is eventually transformed into a story of regaining strength and conquering past trauma to bring a new light into ones life. Through this story, the artists seek to give a voice to those who haven’t been heard, honor those who have faced and conquered pain, and to inspire those seeking the strength to lift themselves out of tragic circumstances. 

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