Pak: The Creation

Pak is one of the foremost rare digital artists in the crypto art space with all time gross sales of ~$4,730,192 to date. Pak’s minimalist style has become an unavoidable force within the digital community by creating highly coveted, sometimes controversial artworks, that push boundaries and challenge viewers to reflect on what they value when it comes to art.

Describing Pak as solely a digital artist would only be telling part of the story. A creator in every sense of the word, Pak’s projects extend across styles, mediums, and audiences. Pak is an award-winning designer, developer and digital wizard with an impressive list of accolades. Intentionally anonymous, Pak has managed to successfully inspire and impact the crypto art community and beyond without ever revealing the details of their physical identity.

Most of Pak’s creations and projects explore human reaction and elements of psychology — be it a test of or testament to our innate tendencies. Pak’s artwork generally uses minimalism and stark geometry as tools to subtly relay the complexities of varying ideologies and theories. Through their creations, Pak seeks to introduce new methods of artwork consumption and interaction, exposing an additional layer of complexity and humanity within the digital fine art world in the process.

Pak’s digital reign and artistic influence can be felt across contexts and channels: Pak dominates the design world, as founder and lead designer of the internationally acclaimed Undream design studio.  Pak has also indelibly marked the communities and individuals across social media, through the creation of the automated influencer and content curator Archillect — An AI “created to discover and share stimulating visual content over social media channels. She is a living inspiration archive. She is a digital muse.” Archillect can undoubtedly consider herself a social influencer at this point with 2.1 million followers on Twitter. 

Notable Sales

Pak’s debut Drop on MakersPlace last September involved the auctioning of a 5 piece series Terminus (all 1/1s) which amassed 138 ETH in total (over $53,027 at the time, now over $190,245). Pak has amassed a grand total of ~$4,730,192 in crypto art sales to date, making them the second highest grossing crypto artist of all time.  Pak’s artworks have an exceptionally impressive record on the secondary sales market, with an average increase of 135.18%, and an average resale price of $3,192- This includes the resale of Pak’s 99 edition, $1 creation The Flipper which had an average resale price of ~$2,048.  In total, Pak’s secondary market volume exceeds $385,435.

In the News

The Creation

Pak has teamed up with MakersPlace to introduce a new kind of artwork Drop which will forever blur the boundaries between the collector and the creator. 

“What if collection is an act of creation?”

Pak answers this with his latest bold concept: The Creation

Collectors now have the opportunity to not only own, but take part in the creation of a historic collective artwork by bidding on 35 x 16 individual tiles of a digital recreation of The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo.  

This concept is the brainchild of Pak, a crypto artist known for creating controversial artworks/initiatives that inspire debate and discussion into the nature of art collection, creation and value. Through this Drop, we together will create a modern-day masterpiece inspired by an old-world classic. 

While Pak is behind the concept of this artwork, the actual “creators” here are the collectors themselves. Together, through collecting, we will create a modern derivative of the masterpiece.

Master paintings have served as inspiration for artists throughout history, resulting in a number of derivative artworks that offer new perspectives into classical artworks. Yet an interpretation of this nature is completely novel: Rather than a single artist offering a single interpretation, the end result  of this artwork will be a recreation and derivative form of the classical masterpiece determined by multiple “creators” from around the world. What the final derivative form will look like is completely in the hands of the collectors. 

In this case, the collecting and creating experience is equally, if not more, important than the “creation” itself. Michelangelo’s classical masterpiece “The Creation of Adam” was intentionally chosen for this dynamic structure to encourage thought and dialogue centered around the question “Who is the Creator?” – one of the primary questions this Drop seeks to answer. 


72 (+24) Hour Auctions

For the first 72 hours, all tiles are open for bids. For each tile, after the first successful bid, a 24 hour auction starts.

All offers are “Committed Offers”, that cannot be withdrawn. However, offers will be refunded if a higher bid is placed.

Dynamic Reserves

Tiles have a global minimum bid amount that increases with the beginning of every 20 new tile auctions. This increase is based on a Triangle Number progression. (Click to learn more)

A minimum bid amount will be guaranteed to you for 60 seconds when making an offer. Once the 60 seconds expires, the minimum may change, so you’ll need to act quickly!

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Collected Tiles Change The Creation

Each tile is a 1/1 artwork and a collectible within this dynamic collection.

Only the collected tiles will exist as part of the final artwork, The Creation. The rest will remain black.

The Final Creation

Once all auctions have closed, only the collected tiles will be minted and delivered to their collectors. The token mint order will be determined by the order in which the 24 hour auction starts.

The final creation will be minted based on the collected tiles.

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