Digital wizard Pak is at it again! 

The legendary designer, developer, and prolific crypto artist Pak has teamed up with MakersPlace to introduce a new kind of artwork Drop which will forever blur the boundaries between the collector and the creator. 

Pak’s new concept begs the question, “What if collection is an act of creation?”

Stay tuned for more details and the official Drop date. Coming very soon! 

About Pak

Pak is one of the foremost rare digital artists in the crypto art space with all time gross sales of ~$4,730,192 to date. Pak’s minimalist style has become an unavoidable force within the digital community by creating highly coveted, sometimes controversial artworks, that push boundaries and challenge viewers to reflect on what they value when it comes to art.

Describing Pak as solely a digital artist would only be telling part of the story. A creator in every sense of the word, Pak’s projects extend across styles, mediums, and audiences. Pak is an award-winning designer, developer and digital wizard with an impressive list of accolades. Intentionally anonymous, Pak has managed to successfully inspire and impact the crypto art community and beyond without ever revealing the details of their physical identity.

Pak’s debut Drop on MakersPlace last September involved the auctioning of a 5 piece series Terminus (all 1/1s) which amassed 138 ETH in total (over $53,027 at the time, now over $190,245

You can learn more about Pak and their digital art evolution here.

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