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Anna Zhilyaeva

Anna Zhilyaeva, also known as AnnaDreamBrush, is an immersive artist leading the way in Virtual Reality painting performance and mixed reality video art. Zhilyaeva is a pioneer of “Volumism”, a new form of painting with VR which allows the artist to work with any volume, in any space to create sculpted paintings which break the laws of gravity.

Zhilyaeva uses cutting edge VR technology to create mesmerizing 3D paintings and visual experiences in front of huge crowds of thousands of viewers, presenting visual experiences unlike anything most of us have ever imagined. 

Her revolutionary artworks and performances have been praised and witnessed the world, including a 3D live interpretation of “Liberty Leading the People” (Eugène Delacroix) at the prestigious Louvre Museum. In 2019, she opened the Worldskills Competition with a VR painting performance in front of 45,000+ audience members.

Zhilyaeva has also worked with Prada, HTC, Vive, Google, IBM, and Microsoft, and a number of other global brands on ground breaking VR art projects. Zhilyaeva’s debut NFT artwork sold for an impressive 41.0 ETH ($24,593 at the time). Next week, she will be bringing her creations to MakersPlace for the first time ever, with the reveal of her new series Emptiness. 


“Emptiness is when people are being seen as dolls, which you can take from a shelf, play with, use and then throw away.”

Zhilyaeva’s thought-provoking new series, Emptiness, explores the commodification of human beings — a phenomenon becoming more relevant in today’s consumerism culture. In each artwork, Zhilyaeva carefully crafts each doll, granting each viewer, an inside look at her unique creation process which is undoubtedly an art form in itself. 

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Shu Lea Cheang 

Shu Lea Cheang is an internationally recognized Taiwanese-American multimedia artist (based in Paris) who is globally regarded as a pioneering figure in internet-based/new media art.

Cheang works in various mediums including internet-based installation, social interfaces, cinematic productions, software interaction and durational performances. Her artwork explores critical social issues such as race relations, gender roles, human ecological impact, implications of technology, etc. Through her experimental media art Cheang aims to challenge perspectives introduced by today’s dominant institutions.

Cheang has exhibited at Walker Art Center (Minneapolis), Guggenheim Museum (New York City), NTT[ICC] (Tokyo), Palais de Tokyo (Paris) and her works are collected by the Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum, Guggenheim, among others. Last year, Cheang represented Taiwan as the first female artist from the country with a solo-exhibition at the 58th Venice Biennale.

Learn more about Shu Lea Cheang’s impressive background and check out her interview with MakersPlace here.


A science fiction scenario with fantasia imagery, Cheang will be continuing her exploration of the relationship between and potential impact of technology and the human body, specifically Ectogenesis, through her new series RED PILL These artworks act as a continuation of the BioNet series which she debuted on MakersPlace last year.

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Kristy Glas is digital painter who uses her magic dipped paintbrush to transport us to fantastical lands filled with adventures and possibilities. Her artwork is like a dream — it explores our core emotions and contemplations in a deeply hued, wondrous worlds. 

Glas’ distinct fantasy style is celebrated amongst art enthusiasts across the crypto art space, and her work can be found within prestigious collections of collectors and galleries like zonted, Dustin D. Trammell, greekdx and more. Due to the personal nature of Glas’ work, collectors of Glas are deeply invested in her artwork and artistic growth. 

Inspiration is everywhere for Kristy Glas. Each experience and creative exposure, serves as a source to her story. She lists book illustrations, concept art, movies, games and, of course, other artists, as her major influences.

I often begin a painting with colors setting the general mood of the painting, then I develop the story and theme along the way.

Glas’ style can be defined as digital expressionism, due to her distinct brushstrokes and use of vivid color. Color acts as a domineering force within Glas’ work, acting as a foundational element to the feeling and story of each creation. Her artworks are undeniably moody and enact a cascade of blissful bittersweet emotions.

Forest Spirits

Glas’ mystical new series, Forest Spirits, is an ode the vivacious nature and vitality of the forest, and the creatures that dwell within it. In her classic storytelling style, Glas reveals four Forest Spirits that embody the seasons and have their own unique personalities (inspired by her own family members!)

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