One of the most amazing things about art, in its various forms, is its ability to seamlessly transport us to across time and space, opening our eyes to amazing new worlds filled with possibilities. This is very much the case with the immersive 3D artwork of KrikCO, “a sci-fi digital artist, who has found new way of existing in blockchain technology and complete decentralization.”

A Blending of Passions Leads to A New Art Form


One of the crypto art space’s earliest and most celebrated creators, KrikCO has always been passionate about both digital art and blockchain technology. The emergence of the crypto art industry has provided KrikCO with the perfect opportunity to blend these two passions. They’ve been creating artwork on MakersPlace since its inception, capturing the attention of futuristic art lovers around the world.

KrikCO’s love for all things science fiction is evident through their various 3D creations. This love affair with the galaxy beyond and the possibilities of the future world has been ongoing since KrikCO’s childhood, when they were first exposed to the quintessential time traveling classic, Back To The Future. Astronauts have always served as an important point of inspiration for KrikCO, who sees them as a symbol of hope and greatness. 

Our Next Chapter Revealed

KrikCO’s artwork is centered around possibility. It acts as a teaching tool, presenting viewers with various ideas and future scenarios in which technology, cosmic forces, and humanity intertwine.

Nature, its beauty and grandeur remain our main treasure. You can protect nature only when you love it. I love nature and I think it will be live forever.

Despite a heavy focus on futurism and science fiction, nature plays an important role in KrikCO’s artwork — It is intentionally left untouched to highlight the potential relationships and interactions between our natural roots and future endeavors. Nature acts as a focal point in much of KrikCO’s artwork, with intricate renderings and details reminding us of its overarching importance and power despite the advancement of humanity.

Averted emptiness

The juxtaposition of unaltered nature in sci-fi settings is a key component of KrikCO’s artwork, and sets them apart from other artists working within the genre. KrikCO is also recognized within the crypto art community for the highly technical nature of their artwork which is high depth, rich in color and saturation, 3D and often contains dynamic motion.

Space Party

The bulk of KrikCO’s work contain 3D environments built completely from the ground up. Creating environments of this level is no easy feat with rendering processes that often involve over 40 hours of work. Deep thought and intense planning goes into each of KrikCO’s creations, which constantly push the limits of digital storytelling.

Each of these artworks are like a child to me, so completing them feels like a new birth.

KrikCO’s immersive artworks can be found in the collections of the space’s most well-known patrons, such as moderats, Maxstealth, CaliforniaBeach and many more. Over the last 6 months, KrikCO has sold 121 artworks and has seen a rapid increase of over 300%+ in his artwork value rising from an average value of ~$413 in early 2020 to $1,900+ by the end of 2020 for a single edition. KrikCO’s unwavering drive to push boundaries and rapid evolution of his style has been the center of his growth.

New Series: Forgotten Desires

KrikCO’s newest series once again pushes the boundaries in an immaculate audiovisual escape that transports the viewer to a surreal world intricately constructed from scratch.

Color is the focus of KrikCO’s newest series, Forgotten Desires, which explores the idea of evolution and its effect on natural elements. 

A vibrant story skillfully unfolded, these artworks transports us through time to a lush new era in which nature has taken on a new, ethereal form. This series is highly immersive — Each intricate artwork presented within this series filled with dreamy details that highlight KrikCO’s exceptional technical abilities. 

First Snow

Do you remember the magical moment you first witnessed snow? Relive the awe and excitement in this insanely intricate 3D rendering which brings you high on a snowy mountain top, where an extraterrestrial enjoys their first snow sighting a little too much.

Static Preview of First Snow

Editions of One
Pricing: Accepting offers only
Auction closes Friday at 7pm PST

View Full Artwork Here>>

Lost Connections

On a mission to escape the destruction of mankind’s self-imposed downfall, a lone astronaut has discovers an enchanting new world. Yet he can’t seem to shake the memories of his old life and loved ones, who are no longer “just a phone call away”. A color rich creation filled with melancholious symbolism.

Static Preview of Lost Connections

Editions of 3
Pricing: .85 ETH (~$1000)

* Price may vary depending on the ETH/USD exchange rate at the time of the drop.

View Full Artwork Here>>


Trees are filled with color, water sings softly and your wildest dreams are always within reach in the Oasis. Travel to this fantastical land to experience its (high def) allurement for yourself. 

Static Preview by Oasis

Editions of 5
Pricing: 0.55 ETH (~$650)

*Final edition will be auctioned
** Price may vary depending on the ETH/USD exchange rate at the time of the drop.

View Full Artwork Here>>

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