We are extremely excited to announce our first Drop of the New Year, which will include never-before-seen collections from renowned artists Alex Pardee and KrikCO.

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Alex Pardee

“Alex Pardee has turned emotional escape into aggressive exploration, and he has done this through the use of biomorphic and anthropomorphic expression. The horse his mind rides is a hot rubber unicorn, but he’ll get back to the world before it melts.” — Robert Williams, Founder, Juxtapoz Magazine

Alex Pardee is a Los Angeles based freelance illustrator, apparel/toy designer, comics creator and overall transmedia pioneer known around the world for his pop surrealist “happy nightmare” creations (dubbed “Brightmares”) which he has recently brought to the blockchain.

Pardee’s iconic Brightmare creations are full of color, vibrantly blending the cute with the horrific. His fine art has been exhibited in galleries around the world for over 15 years, and he’s worked on some incredible creative projects, including film design (Zack Snyder’s SUCKER PUNCH film), album design (platinum-award winning rock band The Used), animation (Chadam) and poster designs for Mondo.

His street art can be found around the world, such as in San Francisco’s historic Haight District and Hawaii. His artwork has been praised by influential art publications such as Juxtapoz and Hi-Fructose magazines and he’s had the honor of curating two entire issues of JUXTAPOZ Art Magazine. He currently owns and operates a lifestyle and art brand featuring his personal art, toys, books, and apparel.

Pardee’s first-ever NFT artwork drop in November 2020, featured his original Brightmares and sold out immediately on MakersPlace. We’re ecstatic to feature Pardee’s newest collection.

The Burden

Most of us can relate to the feeling of having the world on our shoulders at one point or another. This new series by Pardee explores humanistic themes of expectations and anxiety based maladies they may incur. Presented in his signature Brightmare style of course, Pardee has created three different versions of the artwork, each with its own distinct feel defined by color and intricate details.

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KrikCO is a sci-fi digital artist and one of the most prolific sci-fi creators in the crypto art space today. KrikCO, a blockchain enthusiast, has been creating artworks on MakersPlace since its inception. The rare digital art movement presented a turning point for KrikCO, who was able to combine his passions of digital art and cryptocurrency, while simultaneously capturing the attention of futuristic art lovers around the world.

KrikCO’s artwork is centered around possibility. It acts as a teaching tool, presenting viewers with various ideas and future scenarios in which technology, cosmic forces, and humanity intertwine. Despite a heavy focus on futurism and science fiction, nature plays an important role in KrikCO’s artwork — It is intentionally left untouched to highlight the potential relationships and interactions between our natural roots and future endeavors.

The juxtaposition of unaltered nature in sci-fi settings is a key component of KrikCO’s artwork, and sets him apart from other artists working within the genre. KrikCO is also recognized within the crypto art community for the highly technical nature of their artwork which is high depth, rich in color and saturation, 3D and often contains dynamic motion. His artwork can be found in the collections of the space’s most well-known patrons, such as moderatsMaxstealthCaliforniaBeach and many more.

Forgotten Desires

Color is the focus of KrikCO’s newest series, Forgotten Desires, which explores the idea of evolution and its effect on natural elements. A vibrant story skillfully unfolded, these artworks transports us through time to a lush new era in which nature has taken on a new, ethereal form. This series is highly immersive and extremely dreamy.

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