We’re excited to unveil a special holiday treat from renowned crypto artists Twisted Vacancy and Olive Allen. All works are original and exclusively created and offered through MakersPlace.

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Twisted Vacancy

Twisted Vacancy is an Indonesian artist who is known across the world for his striking, colorful illustrations and mesmerizing motion graphics. Vacancy takes a surrealist approach to his artworks, delving into our deepest thoughts and fantasies, dissecting and recreating everyday moments with a burst of color.

Twisted Vacancy’s artwork is heavily inspired by pop culture throughout the years. Influences of Japanese Pop Art of the 80s, 90s popular culture, and various moments and movement throughout history can be found throughout his work. Since deep-diving into the world of art, Twisted Vacancy’s unique style has been recognized by brands, galleries and crypto art enthusiasts across the world.

Olive Allen 

Olive Allen is a New York based multimedia artist who blends the boundaries between art and technology with her intersectional creations. Through the lens of her own exposures and experiences, Allen’s artwork explores societal shifts and culture — It is brings forth a bitter sweet sense of nostalgia and mischievous banter.

I love creating happy childlike characters that meant to talk about deeper issues we are as a society facing today. The choice is deliberate — duality is fascinating and I want to encourage people to seek deeper meaning while finding humor and playfulness in the most mundane of thing.

The intersection between art and technology is a central theme throughout Allen’s artwork. Allen is has been involved in the crypto scene since its inception, and actually doubles as a tech entrepreneur and a former start-up founder herself. Although Allen has decided to pursue visual art full-time, her passion and interest in technology is evident throughout her artwork. Olive Allen’s innovative artworks have been exhibited across the globe and she is celebrated as a trail blazer within the crypto art scene. 

Twisted Vacancy and Olive Allen’s Holiday Special

There is no better gift than playful spirit 😉 Invite someone to play by sending them Twisted Vacancy’s & Olive’s special NFT!

For the first time ever, Twisted Vacancy and Olive Allen have joined forces to bring you all a seasonal treat! Marrying Twisted Vacancy’s iconic pop art style with Allen’s happy childlike characters, the artists have collaborated on three playful, color filled creations which capture the joy and fun of the holidays. 

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