We’re excited to unveil new artworks from legendary concept artist Peter Mohrbacher. All works are original and exclusively created and offered through MakersPlace.

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Peter Mohrbacher

Peter Mohrbacher is a surrealist fantasy artist based in Florida who is best known for his Angelarium artworks —  wondrous interpretations of angels from various mythologies and cultures.

If you are a fan of Magic: The Gathering you’ve likely heard of Mohrbacher, whose artwork has been showcased throughout various collections, most notably the Return to Ravnica and Theros sets.

“I’m on a mission to help other artists pull away from a shrinking commercial market and guide them to build their own creations.”

Mohrbacher is a trail-blazer as an indie artist in the illustration world. He has been creating digital art for over 20 years, predating the actual introduction of paint tools within programs like Photoshop. His style is vivid and fantastical — It transports us to beautiful, mythological worlds full of color and delicately depicted characters. 

New Artwork Releases

Mohrbacher will be unveiling two breathtaking artworks as a precursor to the unveiling of his new series in the new year. These special creations depict an ethereal angel and the foundational structure from which the angel realm hangs— the tree of life. Both artworks highlight the depth and hypnotic beauty of Mohrbacher’s signature fantasy style. 

Malkuth, Emanation of the Kingdom

Edition of One
Only accepting offers

Azrael, Keeper of the Golden Heart

Edition of 100
$10 / edition

For the first, and possibly only time ever, collectors will have the chance to own a legendary Mohrbacher angel for ONLY $10. Mohrbacher will be releasing 100 editions of one of his signature Angel creations for the first 100 lucky collectors who are fast enough to smash the buy button. These editions will no doubt sell out quickly, so come to the drop prepared.

Both pieces are early previews of his full upcoming series, Emanations of the Tree of Life.

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Available Now: Angels of the Zodiac

Mohrbacher’s current collection on MakersPlace depicts the 12 angels of the zodiac, in Mohrbacher’s illustrious surrealist style. Each ethereal artwork reveals the personality and defining traits of each zodiac angel, making for an extremely personal and poignant collection. A few editions still remain, claim yours before they are gone!

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Hamaliel, Angel of Virgo from Peter Mohrbacher’s Angels of the Zodiac collection

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