Kitty Bast

Kitty Bast is an award winning digital illustrator with an extensive fine arts background. She is known in the crypto art community for her poignant, sensual figures. Through her emotion rich characters, Kitty Bast blends elements of pop art, new school, realism, representationalism and much more.

The balance between light and dark, whether portrayed through color, composition, or choice of subject matter, is a salient force in Kitty Bast’s work. Contemporary artists Tai Shani & Athena Papadopoulos, and their use of color and texture, serve as inspiration for Bast, as well as Louise Bourgeois and Paula Rego.

Her work has been celebrated both in the physical and digital realms. She’s been exhibited and collected across the world from the U.K., where she is based, to Azerbaijan to Decentraland. Kitty Bast’s artworks reside in prominent Crypto Art collections such as ModeratsArt and MetaPurse, and her works regularly sell out immediately upon release on MakersPlace. Her recent work Happy Carousel sold out to 10 collectors at 1 ETH (~$500) / edition. She’s participated in the Art Battle Manchester, a live art competition where ten artists go head to head painting a masterpiece in only 30 minutes, twice and was featured on the The BBC One Show doing so.

The bull, the bunnies and the wolves came out to play

Kitty Bast’s new series gives her iconic characters an anamorphic twist. Each artwork is rich with symbolism, subtle and overt, as well as a number of hidden messages and exciting surprises.

Miss Bullish

“Miss Bullish is on Parade & has an insatiable love for Mr. HoneyBadger”

Preview of Miss Bullish by Kitty Bast

A bullish Bitcoin loving babe, this artwork celebrates the beauty and growth of the crypto industry through Kitty Bast’s iconic new school style.

Editions: One
Pricing: Accepting offers only

*Auction closes on Friday, at 8pm PST

View full artwork>>

They Tricked Me…

“…Tricked You.

Do you know who you are or what you was?”

Preview of They Tricked Me… By Kitty Bast

In this mesmerizing artwork, Kitty Bast reminds us of our complexities and the multitude of characters that reside within each one of us. Take your time viewing this artwork, or you may miss one of the many symbolic details.

Editions: Ten
Pricing: 0.85 ETH/edition (~$552)

*Final edition will be auctioned

View full artwork>>

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