Emotionull is a painter and digital expressionist who has taken the crypto art scene by storm with his impassioned digital paintings. His artworks pull at the heart strings — dissecting and interpreting the deepest realms of our emotional being through a bold exploration of colors and unapologetic brush strokes.

After joining crypto art 2 months ago my whole life has changed and I feel as if I am touching that dream with the tip of my fingers. It’s a burning passion and i’m so excited to have people be able to relate with my emotions and art.

Creation has been an essential part of Emotionull’s daily routine for the past four years. An enthusiastic young artist, who is undoubtedly just getting started, his story embodies the crypto art movement’s mission of opening doors to talented emerging artists.

Emotionull’s grandmother, who was a photographer and art teacher, has served as a major source of inspiration and artistic support throughout his life. His artist style is also influenced by the Neo-Expressionism & Cubism art movements. Human emotion and reaction, often his own, serves as his primary choice of subject matter.

I imagine my artwork as self-portraits in many forms. Art allows you to express yourself with no rules, and I often find it hard to share my feelings and thoughts through words. This is why you often see me adding broken wording to my pieces.

We were lucky enough to have Emotionull join us for an AMA in which he answered community questions on his inspiration, artistic journey and much more. Check it out below.

Deep Sea Emotions

Emotionull’s new series, Deep See Emotions, is an underwater exploration of the emotions we push below the surface. In this series, Emotionull introduces a new style and his first ever audiovisual creations, in which he harnesses both the sounds and sights of the sea to relay a deeper meaning of existence.

More Fish in The Sea

Being alone provides clarity, yet when loneliness overtakes a sense of safety in self, we truly do feel lost at sea. Deep-sea creatures often are looked at with fear, I find them beautiful in themselves. I feel like an Angler fish.

Preview of More Fish in The Sea by Emotionull

In this artistic interpretation of the angler fish, Emotionull evokes deep contemplation inspiring us to dissect and destroy irrational fears and misunderstandings.

Editions: One
Pricing: Accepting offers only

*Auction closes Friday, at 6pm PST

View the full artwork>>

The Snake in Mind

The mind plays tricks on those who allow it. Trick life before thoughts trick you. It’s all a silly game we play. Snake eyes are pure luck. What’s the chance I land on them?

Preview of The Snake in Mind by Emotionull

Full of dichotomies and symbolism, this creation provides a new perspective on an often misunderstood creature.

Editions: Five
Pricing: 0.75 ETH/edition (~$465)

*Final edition will be auctioned

View the full artwork>>

Lost at Sea

Implant deep-sea bugs within the world system. The sun shines as bright eyes in my future. If we’re so lost in this sea, how do we leave? Where is our escape? Better yet, I’m happy in my deep-sea world.

Preview of Lost at Sea by Emotionull

A poetic, thought-provoking creation that inspires reflection and acceptance.

Editions: Ten
Pricing: 0.36 ETH/edition (~$250)

*Final edition will be auctioned

View the full artwork>>

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