Many visual artists express emotions, relay messages and bring us into new worlds using their paint, pencils, or even tablet styluses. These are the artists that have been celebrated throughout history, yet another breed of digital artist is finally gaining recognition. These digital artists use computer software (and creativity) to create alternate realities filled hyperrealistic imitations of real life paired with an intentional defiance of real life rules, such as gravity and various other rules of physics. Motion is often a defining characteristic in their artwork.

Motion is also one of the biggest differentiators between physical and digital art. Although motion is often implied in physical artworks, digital art sets itself apart in its ability to literally express movement and motion, within and throughout the artwork, thereby creating deeply immersive, multi-faceted stories. The familiarity of these worlds pulls us in and makes us feel at home, while dramatic, physic-defying twists ignite our imaginations and open a world of possibilities. 

Despite the immense amount of skill, time, creativity and attention to detail that these artworks require, artists within this medium were previously confined to financially relying on commissioned work from companies and brands, which often stifled their own ideas and creativity. The rare digital art movement represents a turning point for artists working within this medium.

Today, through the birth of rare digital art, these skilled artists/technologists have opportunities to not only share their stunning art with the world without creative confinements, but to also be recognized and fairly compensated for these artworks by the global art community. 

howiseedatworld is a prime example of a dedicated and supremely talented motion designer and CGI artist whose immersive 3D artwork is catapulting the next generation of digital motion artwork. 


I can tame fire and water.

howiseedatworld is a CGI artist and motion designer who challenges our perceptions of reality, time and space with his mind-bending digital artwork. howiseedatworld’s artwork is rich with symbolism and story-telling.  It is painstakingly detailed with a strong sense of artistic mise-en-place, every component and detail is exactly where it should be and plays an important role in the overall artwork.

This medium is certainly not for the faint of hearted. The artwork itself is stunning, yet the processes of reaching the end result is equally impressive. howiseedatworld’s creations require an intense level of focus, planning and hours of dedication — Each 3D environment presented by howiseedatworld is built from scratch from ground up, with any misstep or change requiring many additional hours, even days.

Years of practice and dedication have allowed howiseedatworld to reach new heights in the medium. Today his artwork serves not only as a source of inspiration and awe for all who view it, but also as a point of reference and education. 

A true arts advocate, howiseedatworld is not satisfied with only sharing his artwork to be admired. His artistic legacy is much greater. Rather, he uses his experiences and learnings from the world of 3D motion art to educate and uplift the next generation of motion designers and 3D artists. He provides hours of lessons, tutorials and projects distributed via a blossoming virtual art community he founded eight years ago. He also encourages a widespread appreciation of this medium through the curation and distribution of other talented motion artists via his viral instagram.

Besides the joy of spreading his love of motion design with the world, teaching opened howiseedatworld’s eyes to the possibilities and potential of a career in art. He recalls a time when PayPal froze his account, essentially halting his income from various classes he was giving. His reaction was to create a course in the art of smoke creation, which, much to his pleasant surprises helped him amass the equivalent of his yearly salary in only two weeks.

In howiseedatworld’s case, the medium chose the master. He became an artist almost by accident, when his plan of being a programmer was thwarted as a result of an extended vacation and missed flight… The forces of the art universe at work. 

Ever since that fateful day howiseedatworld has thrown himself full-heartedly into his craft. In the duration of his ten year CGI art journey, howiseedatworld has worked on professional projects with legendary companies like BMW, Razer, Nike, and Tesla Baltic. Despite the amazing work howiseedatworld was doing with these companies, he was constantly beckoned by his own creativity, resulting in a number of inspirational projects that far preceded his introduction into the new movement of rare digital art. 

Since joining the space this year, howiseedatworld has been welcomed with open arms by collectors and art enthusiasts around the globe. The powerful messages and immaculate delivery of his artwork was immediately recognized by some of the biggest collectors in the space, such as Maxstealth, moderats, and CaliforniaBeach. His artwork has a reputation for selling out rapidly, at impressive price points.

The natural elements and universal forces play a central role in howiseedatworld’s artwork, which often include rich textures, strong sci-fi themes and extreme dreamscapes. He often finds artistic inspiration from experimenting with liquids and other fluid forms. 

Elements of water, fire, blood and intergalactic space dust are commonly found within howiseedatworld’s creations. He pushes these elements past their physical boundaries, to explore the possibilities beyond our realm. His newest artwork is a result of elemental experimentation and exploration, looking deeply into their different interactions and possible meanings behind them. 


The elements embodied and physics flipped on its head. In his new series, PHASES, howiseedatworld acts as an artistic avatar, bending and transforming natural elements to provide a twisted new perspective.

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Betrayal Phase

2 emitters, 2 objects, mixed emotions

Betrayal Phase by howiseedatworld

Two seemingly similar forces combine resulting in an explosion of mixed and complex emotions.

Editions: One
Pricing: Accepting offers only

*Auction closes Friday, at 7pm PST

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Opposites Phase

“Opposites in a world of simulations”

Opposites Phase by howiseedatworld

Two objects can be near each other even if they are 100% different. A stark comparison of two opposites shines a light on differences and similarities.

Editions: Five
Pricing: 0.75 ETH/edition (~$465)

*Final edition will be auctioned

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Ignorance Phase

Rude simulation

Ignorance Phase by howiseedatworld

When no one cares, ignite the flame or pass it by.

Editions: Five
Pricing: 0.75 ETH/edition (~$465)

*Final edition will be auctioned

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Activity Phase

Activities in a world of simulation

Activity Phase by howiseedatworld

Collisions, contortions, combinations -The world of simulation offers many possibilities. 

Editions: Ten
Pricing: 0.4 ETH / edition (~$250)

*Final edition will be auctioned

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