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As many of you know, last month we revealed the Roots Exhibition — a special showcase of artworks created by artists inspired by the theme of Roots (the exhibition is still on display in the One BC Gallery — courtesy of WhaleShark and the Whale Community, thank you again!)

We asked members of the community to vote on the artworks that speak to them the most to help us select three artists to spotlight in their own exhibition. Well, the community has spoken, and we could not be more excited to present to you the three winners: A. L. CregoKristy Glas and Mandelsage.

These three amazing artists have each created a series of never before seen artworks to be admired and enjoyed in their own spotlight exhibition.

Please join us for opening night this Friday, December 18th at 5PM in Cryptovoxels.

A. L. Crego

A. L. Crego is without a doubt a 21st century digital art revolutionary. His innovative gif artworks blend the physical and digital realms of art, providing mesmeric visuals, with perfect loops, that pull you in and make you think deeply.

A. L. Crego has been experimenting and creating within the digital realm for as long as he can remember. His artwork today is completely digital in terms of process and presentation, yet he takes a broader approach in terms of his subject matter which often incorporates images and elements of the physical world.

Gif art is not only a way of creating pieces, but a way to “read” the world. We humans, learn by repetition. History repeats itself. Our concept of time is linear, but clocks are round. Thatʼs another reason I choose the gif format to express myself.

This fresh approach to gif-art as an artistic genre has captured the attention of patrons and publications across the world. Despite intentionally staying away from social media, he’s managed to achieve internet virality. His artwork has been a constant topic of discussion on Vice, as well as ArchDaily and BoredPanda. He’s done commissioned work for Vice, Nissan, Espolon, Perrier, some international newspapers, and art blogs.

Crego has held exhibitions and residencies with street artists like Emancipation (Marseille), Creença for Void Projects in Barcelona, (Spain), Matiere Noire (Marseille), Desordes Creativas, Ordes (Spain), Urvanity 2019, Madrid (Spain). Festival Asalto, Zaragoza (Spain). Some collective exhibitions of gif art (Russia, Japan, US, Lithuania, Argentina, Colombia, Brasil…) and many collaborations with other artists (Borondo, Joaquin Jara, Axel Void, Faith47, and Phlegm).


The need of being out there without leaving the inner world. The weird agoraphobic feeling of diving the internal hole. The strange claustrophobic sensation in this tiny gravitater orb. Inverted vertigo when we look into the soul.

A. L. Crego will be presenting his newest series “Exvade”, the anonymous antonym of invade — a series that explores the complexities and contradictions of human existence.

Adventure Series — Kristy Glas

“Exploring the magical world, the adventure series is about discovery, personal growth and overcoming various challenges”

Kristy Glas is digital painter who uses her magic dipped paintbrush to transport us to fantastical lands filled with adventures and possibilities. Her artwork is like a dream — it explores our core emotions and contemplations in a deeply hued, wondrous worlds.

Glas has been painting for as long she can remember. Her medium of choice was oil painting growing up, until she discovered the wizardry of digital art. For her 18th birthday, Glas’ family gifted her the Wacom Bamboo tablet and its her been her primary painting method ever since.

Inspiration is everywhere for Kristy Glas. Each experience and creative exposure, serves as a source to her story. She lists book illustrations, concept art, movies, games and, of course, other artists, as her major influences.

I often begin a painting with colors setting the general mood of the painting, then I develop the story and theme along the way.

Color is a domineering force in the Glas’ work, acting as a foundational element to the feeling and story of each creation. Her artworks are undeniably moody and enact a cascade of blissful bittersweet emotions.

Adventure Series

Kristy Glas will be presenting her Adventure Series, six artworks which explore themes of discovery, personal growth and overcoming various challenges. According to Glas, “It’s an abstract diary where I hope the viewer can find their own interpretations and the connections to the paintings.


Mandelsage, is a digital painter and fractal artist who blends art, mathematics and various sciences to create hypnotizing, hi-definition artworks that ignite our imaginations. His highly detailed, fractalized artworks offer a multitude of possible interpretations and new perspectives.

A few simple formulae could create such beautiful patterns… Visual beauty through math! Discovering that, and that the natural world itself, from broccoli to galaxies, could be described with fractal geometry, had a huge impact on me.

Art and science are often thought of as being as opposites, yet it Mandelsage’s case this couldn’t be further from the truth. From an early age, Mandelsage has been fascinated with subjects of physics, computer science and mathematics. In 1999, Mandelsage learned about the Mandelbrot set on a friend’s Linux machine, and has been obsessed with fractals ever since.

The introduction to fractals completely transformed Mandelsage’s outlook on the world. Suddenly, beautiful fractal art was everywhere that he looked! In 2011, Mandelsage discovered 3-dimensional fractals through the work of artist Johan Andersson. Excitement quickly followed- finally a medium that could seamlessly blend his love for the sciences with his new found appreciation of fractal visualizations into an art form that expresses the complex beauty of our everyday world.

I love bright, contrasting colours and enjoy the weird mix of the real and the surreal/abstract. And of course, science/sci-fi is a big inspiration.

Mandelsages’ artwork is full of life and color. It is explosive with vivid hues and interesting forms. Despite his unique style, no two Mandelsage artworks look a like. In fact, his upcoming series will be the first time he’s attempted an air of cohesiveness across a body of works.

The First

The idea of “The First” has actually been brewing for some time: A few years ago, I created two artworks for each of my brothers as gifts — two scenes in space. I was especially proud of them because they were my first “realistic” pieces, and I had made everything from scratch, using fractals. A sun, the stars in the background, a sentient mushroom planet, and even a Deathstar.

But then I thought, who was behind the camera? Who was watching the Deathstar approach the strange mushroomy planet? So I added a mini-story to each scene, in the form of a kind of “Captain’s Log”, with the unknown observer expressing dismay at the potential destruction of a previously unknown kind of life.

In his series, The First, Mandelsage transports us into his sci-fi fantasy dream universe, giving us a detailed look at the habitants and eco-system within. Each immersive creation pulls you deeper with rich colors, extensive detail and an engrossing story…

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