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Kitty Bast

Kitty Bast is an award winning digital illustrator and tattoo artist with an extensive fine arts background. She is known in the crypto art community for her poignant, sensual figures. Through her emotion rich characters, Kitty Bast blends elements of pop art, new school, realism, representationalism and much more. 

Some say there is a seductive quality to my art and I can sense the erotic, however that is not done fully consciously, I just make what attracts. It might be a word, a song, a theme, a book, an image, a character, a game such as silent hill that triggers something in me to create something, I believe working part subconsciously is important, as everything we have ever seen and processed in life exists there.

Her work has been celebrated both in the physical and digital realms. She’s been exhibited and collected across the world from the U.K., where she is based, to Azerbaijan to Decentraland. She’s participated in the Art Battle Manchester, a live art competition where ten artists go head to head painting a masterpiece in only 30 minutes, twice and was featured on the The BBC One Show doing so.

The balance between light and dark, whether portrayed through color, composition, or subject matter, is a salient force in Kitty Bast’s work. Contemporary artists Tai Shani & Athena Papadopoulos, and their use of color and texture, serve as inspiration for Bast, as well as Louise Bourgeois and Paula Rego.

I’ve always been attracted to artists that create work which explores otherness, identity, culture, the body, the subconscious, the abject, subjectivity etc.

The bull, the bunnies and the wolves came out to play

Kitty Bast’s iconic characters take on an anamorphic twist in her upcoming series which is rich with symbolism, subtle and overt, as well as a number of hidden messages exciting surprises!

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I can tame fire and water.

howiseedatworld is a CGI artist and motion designer who challenges our perceptions of reality, time and space with his mind-bending digital artwork. 

When he’s not creating mystifying creations, howiseedatworld spends his time spreading appreciation and education of motion design through free lessons and projects distributed via the a virtual community he began eight years ago and his viral instagram.

In howiseedatworld’s case, the medium chose the master. He became an artist almost on accident, as a result of a missed flight… But ever since that fateful day howiseedatworld has thrown himself full-heartedly into his craft.In the duration of his ten year CGI art journey, howiseedatworld has worked on professional projects with companies like BMW, Razer, Nike, and Tesla Baltic. 

The natural elements and universal forces play a central role in howiseedatworld’s artwork, which often include strong sci-fi themes and extreme dreamscapes. He often finds artistic inspiration from experimenting with liquids and other fluid forms.


The elements embodied and physics flipped on its head. In his new series, PHASES, howiseedatworld acts as an artistic avatar, bending and transforming natural elements to provide a twisted new perspective.

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Emotionull is a painter and digital expressionist who has taken the crypto art scene by storm with his impassioned digital paintings. His artworks pull at the heart strings — dissecting and interpreting the deepest realms of our emotional being through a bold exploration of colors and unapologetic brush strokes.

After joining crypto art 2 months ago my whole life has changed and I feel as if I am touching that dream with the tip of my fingers. It’s a burning passion and i’m so excited to have people be able to relate with my emotions and art.

Creation has been an essential part of Emotionull’s daily routine for the past four years. An enthusiastic young artist, who is undoubtedly just getting started, his story embodies the crypto art movement’s mission of opening doors to talented emerging artists.

Emotionull’s grandmother, who was a photographer and art teacher, has served as a major source of inspiration and artistic support throughout his life. His artist style is also influenced by the Neo-Expressionism & Cubism art movements. Human emotion and reaction, often his own, serves as his primary choice of subject matter.

I imagine my artwork as self-portraits in many forms. Art allows you to express yourself with no rules, and I often find it hard to share my feelings and thoughts through words. This is why you often see me adding broken wording to my pieces.

Deep Sea Emotions

Emotionull’s upcoming new series, Deep See Emotions, is an underwater exploration of the emotions we push below the surface. In this series, Emotionull introduces a new style and his first ever audiovisual creations, in which he harnesses both the sounds and sights of the sea to relay a deeper meaning of existence.

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