3LAU and Slimesunday Join Forces to Introduce A New Kind of Digital Creation

The boundaries of art have never been clearly defined. Throughout history, the art of music, theater, and creative writing have often intertwined, leaving audience members with a melting pot of sensations and reactions. However, in comparison, visual arts such as painting, photography and sculpture have often stood in solitude throughout the history of collaboration. Yet this, and almost everything about today’s current art world, is changing. 

As we move towards a new way to create and consume art in the digital age, it makes perfect sense that the historic lines dividing art forms into categories are disappearing. The rise of rare digital art has given way to new forms of artwork which prioritize creating true experiences over fitting within a genre or category. 

This blending of boundaries is at the center of the artworks created by SSX3LAU, a collaborative art project between electronic dance music DJ and producer 3LAU and world renowned collage artist Slimesunday. Together the pair has introduced a number of immersive audiovisual artworks that combine mediums of music and visual art to create full-on experiences that speak to multiple senses. 


3LAU, or Justin Blau, is a Las Vegas based DJ and Electronic Dance Music producer who has created a number of worldwide house music hits such as Is It Love, Better With You, Touch, and Tokyo. He’s also created a number of remixes for artists like Rihanna, Katy Perry, Shawn Mendes, and Ariana Grande — all of which have racked up millions of streams. 3LAU’s music blends electronic genres of house and dubstep, and is known for his melodic, ethereal take on dance music, and has 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

In more recent years, Blau has become a strong advocate for blockchain amongst musicians and the EDM community. His interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency has blossomed into a number of amazing projects including the first music concert to feature ticketing powered by the Ethereum blockchain back in 2018, alongside musicians Zedd and Big Sean.

3LAU is amongst one of the first mainstream musicians to fully embrace blockchain and the possibilities it offers by creating some of the first ever “rare digital art” tracks. The popularity and demand for these tracks should come at no surprise.


Slimesunday is a Boston-based digital artist who is known across the world and web for his provocative collage artworks which unapologetically push the barriers of mainstream media and censorship. 

His artworks fully embraces human sexuality and the beauty and sensuality of the bare human form, while also incorporating elements of irony, artistic puns and social commentary.

Creating artwork on blockchain is a relatively new endeavor for Slimesunday, who was introduced to the new medium and market earlier this year. He sees this as a new opportunity to express his true creative passions, without having to play the Instagram popularity game. His artwork on blockchain differs from his traditional digital collages in the level of personal expression and vulnerablity.

His artworks have been well received amongst art enthusiasts globally through his Instagram, which hosts the bulk of his portfolio, amassing over 522k followers. Slimesunday’s art can be found in Playboy, Penthouse, Hunger, Plastik, and Glamour Magazine.


SSX3LAU is a collaborative project between the two creators, which audio and visual art to bring forth a series of highly immersive creations. Through the artworks of SSX3LAU, the duo seeks to explore the intersection of digital art, dance music, and distributed ledger tech in audio / visual space. Rather than focus solely on the music, or the visuals, 3LAU and Slimesunday aim to combine the two, providing a new level of experiential artwork. 

The duo has been collaborating on creative projects for over five years now. Creating and distributing their artworks on Blockchain is a relatively new endeavor for the duo, despite both having been interested/exploring the space individually since its inception. 

Like many creatives during this time, 3LAU and Slimesunday faced a number of artistic limitations presented by the Covid pandemic. Creating on the blockchain has completely changed the duos’ process and end result, opening the door to new opportunities that would otherwise seem impossible in our current socially distanced state. Creating on Blockchain has presented a novel means of reaching their audiences, new and existing, as well as a complete shift in what they are actually creating. 

While both continue to create individually in their respective art forms, the two have now joined forces to blend visual and audio, thereby introducing a new form of creation to the world. Both undeniably masters of their craft, 3LAU and Slimesunday seek to harmoniously combine their creative specialties, to create high impact, highly immersive experiential artworks. 

We were lucky enough to have a conversation with 3LAU and Slimesunday to learn more about their creative journeys, the birth of SSX3LAU and their thoughts on the blockchain art movement.

Listen to the full interview below:


Traffic is the first series of artworks by SSX3LAU on MakersPlace. The duo will be introducing a collection of three new artworks. One static piece and two audiovisual pieces, each of which is heavily infused with a sense of rhythmic responsiveness, prompting a visceral reaction from viewers. By combining sounds with sights, 3LAU and Slimesunday seamlessly pull us into their world, allowing us to truly immerse ourselves and feel the artwork.

Your Ticket to the First-ever SSX3LAU VR Set

The lucky owners of each artwork will receive exclusive access to a virtual performance by the duo, which will be hosted at the 3LAU HAUS – an almost identical replication of Blau’s home in Las Vegas. This exclusive event marks another “first” in both the decentralized world of NFT collecting and the general world of art consumption. 


“CHROMA expresses the infinite potential of & boundless synergy between distributed ledger technology & art.”

Worlds collide, destruct and are reborn in this thought-provoking 3D still which highlights the ever-evolving nature of our current worlds, both virtual and physical.

Edition of 50
Price: 0.35 ETH (~$200) (The final edition will be auctioned)

View full artwork>>


“GreenWood explores our deep connection with the natural world as technological dependency engulfs our everyday lives during this time of crisis.”

Static Preview Only

The healing properties of nature have become a salient force to many of us during these trying times, including 3LAU and Slimesunday. This audiovisual seeks to celebrate and replicate the feelings of peace and calm associated with nature, and serves as a reminder of its importance and power especially in the technological age.

Edition of 10
Price: 2.35 ETH (~$1,400) (The 10th and final edition will be auctioned)

View full artwork>>


Traffic explores a crossroads between the metaverse & reality through organized chaos.”

Static Preview Only

This 1/1 artwork aims to highlight this sentiment through visual symbolism and auditory storytelling which places the viewer at the scene, ready to zoom off into what the future may hold.

Edition of One
Only accepting offers
* Auction closes at 7pm PST the following day.

View full artwork>>

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