Hello everyone! We’re artists Indrani Mitra and Fabin Rasheed. In this guest post series we write about hidden rare digital art gems that we find on MakersPlace and tell you why we love it, or “WILA” (why I love an artwork). You can find our previous write-ups in the Digital Art section of the blog or on Cent. Thanks for reading!

Hidden Gem :  Somewhere there’s a world beyond this pond

Artist/Collective: JinjooHeart

WILA by: Indrani Mitra

I do not usually gravitate towards “cutesy” art, but the concept drew me in here. I did not read the artist statement but as I look into this picture, I can spin stories and draw emotions. The pond itself could represent multiple things – a window to the outside , a surface for self-reflection or a way to tentatively gaze into the unknown. More so with the times being what they are , this carries special meanings – the fact that you may not be able to physically travel but your mind is not meant to be shut within these walls. It needs to travel through lines and proses – through the imaginary worlds. Physically it also speaks because unless the mind is open outward, we stagnate as well.
I love the use of colors and that everything is so organically shaped – it is cute but with a zing of its own.

Hidden Gem —  Mudlow

Artist/Collective: Ráchel Plutón

WILA by: Fabin Rasheed

The Mudlow series by Ráchel Plutón attracted me because of the unique sculptural forms and the hand drawn style. Mudlows are Good Luck Golems made of organic matter. I like how this is reflected in the colours that the golems are made of. There is a certain haphazard style to the sketch which makes it really interesting to observe. I also love how the digital illustration styles mix with the elements of the hand-drawn sketch. The sheer size of the golem is reflected against the backdrop of mountains and clouds stylised. A rather watery text rests on thighs of the beast which more or less gives the impression of a fresh tattoo. The image gives me an impression of a kind giant which rests in a corner of the woods spreading joy to everyone nearby. When invoked it takes careful steps so as not to step on anyone or anything and paces towards the call for help. I had a health problem yesterday and I woke up to this image today to see the ailment relieved. Indeed a good luck golem!

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