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Arsenic Lullaby

Arsenic Lullaby (aka Douglas Paszkiewicz) is a world renowned comic illustrator and self-proclaimed master of macabre. He is known across both digital and physical art communities as The King of Dark Humor for his undeniably demented, yet strangely enjoyable and whimsically expressed, stories and illustrations.

Humor and irony are important elements across Aresenic Lullaby’s artwork. In fact, as a teenager, he actually dabbled in the world of stand up comedy but gravitated towards visual art due to its subjective nature and wider range of creative possibilities. He started publishing his own independent comic, rooted in horror and dark humor, as a young adult and his unique style quickly caught the attention of comic enthusiasts across the world.

Arsenic Lullaby’s style is heavily influenced by the old-school comics of the 50s. He prides himself on his ability to tell big stories using minimal design. His artworks are straight to the point, yet full of possible interpretations. His overall goal with his artwork is to inspire imagination and transport viewers into new worlds.

His independently published dark humor cult favorite ARSENIC LULLABY has been nominated for two of the highest awards in the U.S. comic book industry, the Harvey Award and Eisner Award, as well as the Comicdom Award in Europe. Arsenic Lullaby was a regular contributor to Mad Magazine and his works have appeared in The Tick , Comedy Central (including being a contributor to animation TripTank), Image comicsValiantDC ComicsDevil’s Due Publishing, and a host of others. Stories from Arsenic Lullaby has also been featured in IL Male (Italy ) and Blue Comet (Greece).

Douglas Paszkiewicz spoke with our Community Manager, Aisha Arif, to discuss his unique style, past experiences, and the importance of comedy in dark situations.

 Check it out below!

Supernatural and Nebulous Entities

Arsenic Lullaby’s new series is filled with devious delights, seemingly innocent situations that go sour, monsters, menaces and demons of all kinds. This series highlights some of the hilariously horrific absurdities of life, including the mass production and consumption of Ouija boards, a Krampus who snacks on children instead of cookies, and a long lost, mysterious character who only comes out after midnight.

After Midnight and Hours of Fun

How did a spirit conjuring board make its way onto the shelves of various toy stores? This artwork explores this nonsensical phenomenon by presenting one of the possible scenarios that may occur when one gifts their child a ouija board. Portrayed through Arsenic Lullaby’s whimsical, retro illustration style.

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Editions: One
Pricing: Accepting offers only

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All He Can Eat

This year Krampus has traded his usual cookies for little children in this creation that will serve as a reminder of seasonal trauma, all year long. This artwork served as an exclusive Arsenic Lullaby cover to commemorate his guest speakership at Dutch Comic Con.

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Editions: Seven
Pricing: starts at 0.2 ETH/edition with each subsequent edition increasing by 0.05ETH (0.25ETH, 0.3ETH, 0.35ETH…)

The final edition will be auctioned

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After Midnight

An homage piece to silent film star Lon Cheney’s role in London After Midnight, a film that has been completely lost to antiquity, but will now live forever on the blockchain.

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Editions: Five
Pricing: 0.5 ETH/edition

The final edition will be auctioned

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