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Jose Delbo

José Delbo is an Argentinian born comic artist who has illustrated a number of Silver and Bronze Age comic classics. He’s the artist behind the pen of some of your favorite superheroes and comic classics — Wonder WomanBatmanTransformersThe Beatles’ Yellow Submarine comic bookBilly The Kid.

Delbo is breaking boundaries and records within the cryptoart world with the release of his breathtaking creations that blend the nostalgia of old school comics with the wide range aesthetic possibilities offered by new digital mediums. Delbo’s most recent works have piqued the interest of leading collectors and institutions, with his most recent collaboration with Trevor Jones setting a new record for a single NFT artworks sale of $110K for Genesis.

Delbo’s new artworks blend worlds of new and old, expressing universal, current sentiments through beloved characters, emphasized expressionism and symbolic relationships.

Primal Cypher

Primal Cypher is a conceptual digital artist, amongst many other things (designer, oil painter, NFT writer and consultant). He’s well-known for his bold artwork which usually often contain strong social commentaries, as well themes relating to psychology, philosophy and spirituality.

Primal Cypher’s artwork has a strong affinity for blockchain, particularly Ethereum, Anonymous, The Occupy and Cypherpunk movement, which is often reflected in his work. His overall goal is to encourage enlightenment and contemplation through subverting the dominant paradigm and challenging dominant thought through his artwork.


Primal Cypher and José Delbo have joined forces to place the original character Death in the midst of modern society.

These artworks are inspired by the current state of the world and the ever present, and now growing, influence of Death on our universal thoughts and actions. Topics of social unrest, compromised freedoms, feelings of fear, sickness, strength and resistance come together in this powerful creation, served two ways.

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Editions: 5
Pricing: 4 ETH/edition, final edition will be auctioned
* Edition #1 will be reserved by Jose Delbo, leaving only 4 editions available.

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A WH1SPER OF DEATH (black & white still edition)

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Editions: 10
Pricing: 2 ETH/edition, final edition will be auctioned
* Edition #1 will be reserved by Jose Delbo, leaving only 9 editions available.

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An Original Comic Book and Unlikely Hero (Death)

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we will release the final 20 editions of the highly coveted Death digital comic book.

Death, a 43 page digital comic book illustrated and written by José Delbo marked the artist’s historic crypto art debut, essentially symbolizing a meeting of two distinct art worlds and a moment of indelible progress for the rare digital art community.

Death is based on an original character and brainchild of Delbo, inspired in part by the chaotic year we’ve all experienced in combating a world-wide pandemic. This comic book is a reflection of Death’s all encompassing reach and introduces a variety of scenarios where Death makes his/her/its presence known. Released as a limited edition of 250, 230 editions have been collected netting ~$16K in primary market sales.

Editions Remaining: 20
Pricing: 1 ETH/edition, final edition will be auctioned

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