We are excited to introduce a special artwork release from renowned AI artist and GAN pioneer Helena Sarin (aka glagolista). This artwork release consists of much more than your typical creation— GANcommedia Erudita is Sarin’s second AI Art book based on her signature #latentDoodles. The first installment, Book of GANesis, was published last year as a limited edition of 75, which immediately sold out. GANcommedia Erudita will have only 10 editions, containing 24 pages of never-before-minted original AI generated artwork including 25 AI generative images and 14 AItalian (AI +italian) puns. 

GANcommedia Erudita by Helena Sarin will be available for purchase exclusively through MakersPlace, in partnership with the Kate Vass Galerie

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Helena Sarin

Helena Sarin is a multidisciplinary visual artist and software engineer born in Russia and based in New Jersey. She has been a pioneering force within the AI-generative art space for the past three years. Within the growing AI-Art movement she’s spearheaded a particular technique called #latentDoodles in which the AI’s learning model is based off of Sarin’s own sketches, doodles and watercolors, resulting in remixed versions of her own creations. 

Sarin is has been recognized as one of the art world’s most influential AI artists by various publications including Forbes, ArtNet News, Art in America and Interesting Engineer amongst others. Her artwork is has been showcased in collections and exhibitions world wide from Zurich to Dubai, Shanghai to London. Her artwork was recently featured in Oxford University’s AI conferences Man and Machine, Kate Vass Galerie, CADAF Miami 2019 and in the permanent display of the Nvidia AI Gallery. Her AI art was also recently featured in BBC Futures: The A-Z of how artificial intelligence is changing the world under I- for imagination.

Sarin’s artistic origins take place within the analogue space- She’s been passionate about drawing and painting her entire life. As an adult she pursued software engineering as a career, initially designing commercial communication systems at Bell Labs, and later working as an independent consultant, developing computer vision software using deep learning. Sarin continued to create art throughout her career, both for personal pleasure and collector commissions. During this time Sarin explored a number of applied art industries including fashion and food styling. 

At first Sarin had a hard time imagining her two, seemingly opposite, passions ever colliding, but one fateful AI consulting gig would change that forever. This professional encounter with AI would later inspire her to explore Artificial intelligence and machine learning as a creative medium, the rest you could say was history. Fast forward three years and AI is Sarin’s medium of choice. 

Sarin’s reputation within the AI art space is one of an innovator and pioneer. Her work is a unique combination of analog and generative, seamlessly taking the GAN medium where it’s never gone before by injecting a dose of her own personality and style into these generative art creations. Sarin takes a classical approach to this new medium, using still lifes of flowers, fruits and bottles as inspiration and models to construct these extremely contemporary creations. Sarin’s work highlights the creative possibilities of new technologies while paying homage and celebrating timeless techniques and aesthetics.

Sarin’s work, particularly in her latest art book, sets itself apart with a clear component of humor and visual/verbal punning that is notable in each artwork. Titles act as an integral part of each creation, rather than simply acting as descriptors, they effectively add another dimension or layer to the piece. Her work is abstracted by nature, with deep rooted elements of story telling and undeniable sense of self and intimacy in each of her GAN creations.

GANcommedia Erudita

Helena Sarin will be releasing her book of GANesis artworks, GANcommedia Erudita, on MakersPlace in collaboration with the Kate Vass Galerie. This book is one of the first of its kinds, in which all images were generated by AI models trained on the artists’ own sketches. GANcommedia Erudita was debuted to the world as part of Nvidia GTC conference’s inaugural AI Art Gallery opening. 

A playful new form of expression dubbed, 21st-century AItalian art, this art book is an accumulation of Sarin’s mesmerizing GAN-creations and clever visual puns and result of over 3 years of curated ideation. It is a crucial piece of digital literature that highlights the brevity and potential of this movement as told from this particular moment in time. 

Editions: Ten

Pricing: 2.15/ETH

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