We’re excited to unveil new original artworks by Frenetik Void, Undeadlu, and Cody Seekins. All works are original and exclusively created and offered through MakersPlace.

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Frenetik Void

My art is sincere and truly reflects my subjective point of view of reality

Frenetik Void, is an Argentinian digital artist based in Buenos Aires who is celebrated across the crypto art community for the alternate realities he creates through his mesmerizing artworks. 

As our lives become more intertwined with technology, the line between man and machine continues to blur. Frenetik Void addresses these evolving interactions through a surrealist lens that blends aspects of the contemporary with the classical. A marriage of mechanics and human vulnerability illicit strong emotional reactions and seamlessly pull viewers into Frenetik Void’s ethereal imagination. 

Blind Grief, Trophy and The Spectacle

Frenetik Void’s impassioned new series reflects the emotional complexities of existing in today’s evolving new world told through Void’s unfiltered artistic perspective.

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In my opinion, cyberpunk highlights the constant struggle of humans and our search for well-being and perfection.

Undeadlu is a digital artist based in Tuscany, Italy who is known for her quintessential cyberpunk portraitures. Her artwork, which explores humans’ role in and reaction to the imminent digitized future, has gained the attention of art enthusiasts across the globe.

Undeadlu’s artworks brings us to a potential future filled with bold colors, bright lights and technological advancements beyond our wildest dreams, in which the humanistic dilemma of seemingly inescapable melancholy still prevails. Her vibrant digital renderings are potent reminders of what could be… Can humans keep up with our own creations? Are we the destructors of our own destinies? Undeadlu seeks to answer these questions and more in her provocative digital paintings. 


In her upcoming series, Unplug, Undeadlu explores the notion of maintaining our sense of humanity and connection to our natural roots.

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Cody Seekins

“The thing about Cody Seekin’s art is that even if you don’t know what it is, you know it looks exactly as it is supposed to.”

Cody Seekins is a nomadic traditional fine artist turned digital creator whose artworks, both digital and physical, have been recognized by institutions and art lovers worldwide, including but not limited to Schön! Magazine, The Encylopedia of Infernal Delights, A capella Zoo, Juxtapoz, Hi-Fructose, and Beautiful Bizarre Magazines. Today Seekins is based in Thailand, but the world is his oyster.

Seekins’ fantastical artwork takes a psychedelic approach to surrealism, resulting in subject matter that is completely foreign to the eye yet simultaneously familiar. It is equal parts disturbing and comforting.

 Seekins style is centered around representation and is saturated by both psychological and traditional imagery. His style is undeniably inimitable and easily recognizable.

Jataka Tales of a Budgie-Sattva

Seekins upcoming series, Jataka Tales of a Budgie-Sattva, takes the expression of his previous work to the next level through the implementation of animation, allowing the imagery to more completely show the viewer their personalities. 

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