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Jon Burgerman

Jon Burgerman is a multidisciplinary artist born in the UK and now based in New York City. His artwork has been showcased in exhibitions, events, performances and screenings all over the world. Most recently, he’s added renowned crypto artist to his list of accolades.

Burgerman’s artworks are held in the collections of several institutions including the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Last year, he held his first museum show in Asia, a massive exhibition entitled Fun Factory, which was an immersive, interactive exhibition hosted at the M Contemporary Museum in Seoul, South Korea.

I’m interested in creative culture as a whole, particularly in works and art that overlap genres and disciplines. It’s always the in-between things that appear most exciting to me.

A self proclaimed “doodler”, Burgerman is known for his whimsical doodle style which has become instantly recognizable to art lovers around the world. His doodles have blessed canvases, clothing, and massive walls and structures. His artwork seamlessly navigates the fine line between fine art, street art and pop art.

Like many artists in the space, Burgerman’s creative journey began with physical, analogue mediums:

My work started off very much focused on drawing, primarily with bold, confident, solid black lines. Ten years into my practice I wanted to change everything so I left the UK and moved to New York and decided to create different types of work. Before I believed drawing was the focus of my practice but now I see the focus more as play and understanding what creativity is.

Jon Burgerman was initially introduced to digital art in the late 90s through a friend who revealed the infinite possibilities of photoshop. Since then Burgerman has been combining digital and physical art practices to create immersive works. Usually Burgerman’s process involves conceptualizing and creating a physical artwork which he further evolves through digital tools to provide a holistic viewing experience. 

I’ve been making work digitally, alongside my analogue practice. I don’t see a division between the two. Everything is simply a tool to create art with, to share ideas and tell a story.

A recent example of the interplay of analogue and digital mediums is Burgerman’s art work exhibition in Times Square earlier this year in which he used digital tools to replicate the inexact aesthetic of spray paint. 

Today, Burgerman is known around the world for his signature doodles inspired by the aesthetics of Keith Haring’s artwork. He sets himself apart from other “doodlers” through his constant explorations of creativity and his distinct, whimsical style which is rich with interpretative possibilities.

The wonky way I think and create are factors that help me and my work stand out.

Burgerman’s new artworks use a combination of digital and analogue tools to investigate unspoken principles of the human experience and contemporary culture through a mesmerizing rendering of independent elements coming together and falling apart. 

Bear Bricks

This creation muses on the nature of collection: How single pieces can collate and become something greater than the sum of its parts.

In Bear Bricks, Burgerman explores the idea of collectability through his own digital interpretation of the highly collectible Japanese toys Be@rbrick. Unlike the toys, Burgerman’s Bear Bricks are centered around movement and repetition giving way to a hypnotic Rorschach pattern. 

Bear Bricks by Jon Burgerman

Editions: One
Pricing: Accepting offers only

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Fragility of an Idea Series

…The feeling of an idea on the edge of your mind, almost within grasp, almost complete and visible, yet fragile and likely to dissolve into nothing.

With this series, Burgerman presents a kaleidoscopic animated rendering of his signature doodles that seeks to articulate the transitory qualities of a fleeting idea, in doing so effectively highlighting how precious our thoughts really are. 

Fragility of an Idea 1
Fragility of an Idea 1 by Jon Burgerman

Editions: One
Pricing: Accepting offers only

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Fragility of an Idea 2
Fragility of an Idea 2 by Jon Burgerman

Editions: Ten
Pricing: 0.5 ETH (~$202)

*Final edition will be auctioned

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Fragility of an Idea 3
Fragility of an Idea 3 by Jon Burgerman

Editions: Ten
Pricing: 0.5 ETH (~$202)

*Final edition will be auctioned

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