We’re excited to unveil new original artworks by Andreas Wannerstedt, Marterium and Skeenee. All works are original and exclusively created and offered through MakersPlace.

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Andreas Wannerstedt

Andreas Wannerstedt is a Swedish designer and motion artist who is widely regarded as the creator of the “Oddly Satisfying” 3D loop due to the meditative effect of his perfectly synchronized animations. Through his creations, Wannerstedt brings a sense of relief and satisfaction to fans across the world, namely through his Instagram which is wildly popular with 615K followers and counting…

Wannerstedt is currently having a major solo exhibition at Erarta, the largest private museum of contemporary art in Russia, located in St.Petersburg. Other recent exhibitions include WEIRD SENSATION FEELS GOOD at ArkDes at Moderna Museet in Stockholm (2019–2020), the Emotional Art Gallery exhibition across the city of Stockholm (2019)and the Volvo Art Session in Zurich (2018)

He’s done commissioned work for notable brands like Google, Adidas, Ikea, Spotify, Absolut Vodka, Omega, Swarovski, Gucci, Burberry, COS and more.
His work has been viewed by millions of people around the work, and been highlighted on Behance Network, Designboom, Stash Magazine, Fubiz, Vimeo Staff-Pick, 9gag, UNILAD, VT, Huffington Post, Business Insider, LAD Bible, FWA, Designcollector, and Mindsparkle Mag among others. 

This series artwork release marks Wannerstedts blockchain art debut, and we could not be more excited! 


Inspired by visual ASMR, these surrealistic 3D sculptures are designed to transfer the viewer into a meditative state, and to trigger that inexplicable feeling of odd satisfaction we all know.

 — Andreas Wannerstedt

Coexistence is a series consisting of 3 short loops which explore the interactions between objects and the spaces around them. This exploration dives deep into principles of physics, movement, and predictability, and is presented in Wannerstedt’s signature “Oddly Satisfying” style. Viewers, prepare to have your minds massaged with Wannerstedt’s ultra hypnotizing loops. 

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Marterium, also known as Markus Kanzler, is a 3D artist from Germany whose color-rich, dynamic compositions have quickly earned him a spot amongst the top creators of the crypto-art scene. Despite only entering the 3D art world this year, Marterium has already amassed 15K followers on Instagram and gained the attention of art enthusiasts worldwide. His artworks are highly coveted and known to sell out quickly after release. 

Marterium is best known for his 3D abstractions which blend basic geometric shapes and elements with free flowing, fluid forms. Though static in nature, Marterium’s creations are filled with a sense of movement and liveliness. 

His creations are a cumulation of a number of digital techniques coming together in a perfect union. Marterium has a background in psychology, and his experience within the field has often influenced the deeper meaning behind his works, particularly in his upcoming series. 

Conatur ad Coniungere

Marterium’s new series, Conatur ad Coniungere, or “Trying to Connect” is an artistic exploration and commentary on the complexity of human interaction and connection. Color acts as a crucial messenger in this series, relaying the intensities, delicacies and complex nature of human emotion and reactivity. Art meets psychology in this breathtaking depiction with a message that is relevant now more than ever. 

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Skeenee is a Belgian tattoo and rare digital artist based in Madrid, Spain. He’s been obsessed with the arts since childhood, often getting in trouble with his teachers for his non-stop doodling. After completing his studies in university, Skeenee dove full-force into the world of art, particularly animation. He began formally studying animation in Vancouver where his obvious ability earned him spot in the Lee Mishkin Film Making Scholarship program.

Following his studies, Skeenee pursued a career in commercial animation, which much to his dismay was too far removed from the art of classical animation he had grown to love. On the hunt for a job in the arts that allowed for un-censored creative expression, Skeenee began exploring tattooing after a conversation with a tattoo artist about how much she loved what she did. 

Before long, Skeenee had mastered this new medium and opened the doors for a whole new chapter in his arts career. Lucky for us in the digital realm, this new career path granted Skeenee the time and freedom to expand on his digital artwork. Within the rare digital art world, Skeenee is known for his unapologetically bold line work and clearly defined forms. His spunky animal anatomy creations have developed somewhat of a devoted following amongst digital collectors. Today, Skeenee transforms his beloved animals into two eerie creatures which only come out at night. 

Creatures of the Night

Skeenee is getting spooky with his upcoming series, which is full of special Halloween surprises. Two dark, mysterious creatures of the night will be coming to MakersPlace, depicted of course in Skeenee’s distinct illustration style. 

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