The Rise of Rare Digital Art

A new art movement is emerging from an unexpected place: the blockchain. Artists across mediums, backgrounds and the world are joining this movement which has finally made it possible to profit from the sale of authenticated digital art. 

Through blockchain technology, the authenticity of a digital artwork is guaranteed through an indelible signature and timestamps, with each artwork being stored as a non-fungible token (NFT). Principles of scarcity/rarity that have previously been limited to physical art markets can now be applied to digital art, thus making it “Rare Digital Art” (also referred to as Crypto Art)

Collector interest in digital collectibles/NFTs, specifically in fine art form, is growing exponentially: Despite being an extremely new market (it’s only about three years old), over $270 million have already been spent on NFTs, with $7 million USD spent on rare digital art. Learn more on how and why collectors are purchasing artworks as NFTs in our blog. 

MakersPlace: A Rare Digital Art Leader

MakersPlace is a leading rare digital art marketplace. Since our official launch in 2019 we’ve sold over 9,500+ artworks, amassing over 1.5+ million in sales. We also have a burgeoning community of 5K+ active artists and 1K+ active collectors, and we’re growing quickly each day.

Bridging Fine Art and Rare Digital Art

We’re proud to act as a bridge between the traditional fine art world and the exciting new space of rare digital art, having introduced a number of prestigious artists to this new medium of creating and selling digital art via the blockchain. 

Here are some of the famed artists who we’ve introduced to the rare digital art movement:

Shu Lea Cheang [New Media Art]

Shu Lea Cheang is a new media and internet art pioneer who has been exhibited and collected by the Guggenheim, the Whitney, New York MoMa, and Venice Biennale, among others. Her MakersPlace debut series, BioNet, consisted of two video artworks — A rare single edition, BioNet Baby which sold in auction for 50 ETH ($18,744), and 10 editions of BioNet Blood Cell which sold for ~$3,515.

View Shu Lea Cheang’s Online Gallery

Static Preview of BioNet Baby by Shu Lea Cheang sold to collector Whaleshark of The Vault for 50ETH (~$18,744)
José Delbo [Comic Art]

José Delbo is a DC and Marvel comic artist who has illustrated a number of Silver and Bronze Age comic classics including Wonder Woman, Transformers and more. Since his rare digital art debut, Delbo’s artworks have consistently sold for record highs and he has sold over $175K+ of artwork on MakersPlace.

Delbo’s most recent collaboration with famed crypto artist Trevor Jones saw the record sale of a single artwork, Genesis, for $110K on 10/16/2020.

View José Delbo’s Online Gallery

The Last Son of Krypton Fights for Humankind by José Delbo sold to collector Whaleshark of The Vault for 27ETH (~$8,190)
Javier Arrés [Illustration]

Javier Arrés is a world-renowned motion / GIF artist and a 2019 London Art Biennale winner based in Motril, Spain. Known for his detailed hand-drawn illustrations of fantastical sceneries and cities, Arrés has quickly gained global success in the rare digital art community. Since joining MakersPlace in 2018, Arrés has sold over $100K+ worth of artworks.

View Javier Arrés’ Online Gallery

Singapore Coconut Jam factory by Javier Arrés sold to collector Whaleshark of The Vault for 9ETH (~$1,786)
Terry Flaxton [Moving Image Art] 

Terry Flaxton is a pioneering moving image artist who has been spearheading video arts since the 1970s. His blockchain debut piece, Under Every Desert a Sea, consisted of 10 editions which sold for a total of ~$1,775

View Terry Flaxton’s Online Gallery

Static Preview of Under Every Desert a Sea by Terry Flaxton, final edition (out of 10) sold to collector moderats for 1.35ETH (~$318)

A Wide Range of Artists

We are also proud to host the creations of artists who work across many styles and mediums.

Trevor Jones [Fine Art Painting] is a famed crypto artist who studied drawing and painting at Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland. On 10/16/2020, his collaboration artwork with José Delbo, Genesis, sold for over $110K making it the highest single edition, pure NFT sale in the history of the space. Their collaborative series consisting of two single edition and two multiple edition artworks amassed over $202K+ in net sales.

View Trevor Jones’ Online Gallery

Genesis by Trevor Jones and José Delbo sold to collector Maxstealth for 302.5ETH ($111,377.47)

Pak [3D Minimalism] is one of the foremost rare digital artists in the crypto art space whose minimalist style has become an unavoidable force within the digital art community. Pak’s first MakersPlace release was the Terminus Series, which consisted of five single edition artworks and sold for a total of 138.5 ETH ($53.5K).

View Pak’s Online Gallery

Terminus Series byPak sold to collectors etyoung and Whaleshark of The Vault for a cumulative 138.5 ETH ($53.5K)

Frenetik Void [3D Surrealism] is a multi-disciplinary digital artist whose fantastical 3D surrealist artworks are highly coveted amongst rare digital art collectors. To date he’s sold 45+ creations, totaling ~$60K+ in net sales on MakersPlace.

View Frenetik Void’s Online Gallery

Toma y Daca — 2019 by Frenetik Void sold to collector colborn of GOCA Gallery of Crypto Art for 12.5 ETH (~$2,986)

Katy Arrington [Illustration]is a well-known illustrator and digital painter based in Jakarta, Indonesia who has gained a bit of a cult following for her anime inspired illustrations which range from kawaii to evil. She has sold over 140 artworks on MakersPlace, totaling $27K+ in sales.

View Katy Arrington’s Online Gallery

The End Is Near by Katy Arrington sold to collector Whaleshark of The Vault for 3.3ETH ($1,261.32)

KirkCO [3D Motion Art] is sci-fi digital artist who specializes in futuristic 3D and motion art. He has made over $35K+ in net sales on MakersPlace.

View KrikCO’s Online Gallery

Apastronby KirkCo sold to collector Maxstealth for 1.5ETH (~$563)

Brendan Dawes [AI Art] is a UK based artist and Lumen Prize alum using generative processes to create interactive online experiences and imagery. To date he’s made over $34K+ in sales, despite joining the platform just a few months ago.

View Brendan Dawes’ Online Gallery

Movement Studies: Mesh by Brendan Dawes sold to collector Whaleshark of The Vault for 3ETH (~$1,346)

Monfa [Illustration] is a Costa-Rican illustrator and creative director based in Mexico who is known for creating whimsical illustrations filled with rich patterns, odd shaped vectors and excellent color palettes that transport viewers back to the mystical days of childhood. Thus far Monfa has made over $16K+ in artwork sales on MakersPlace. 

View Monfa’s Online Gallery

№2 by Monfa sold to collector Whaleshark of The Vault for 2 ETH (~$782)

JUNG [mixed media/ watercolor / digital] is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Belgrade, Serbia who connects traditional art work with new digital medias, resulting in dreamy, free flowing creations. JUNG has made over $14K+ in artwork sales on MakersPlace from both individual and collaborative creations.

View JUNG’s Online Gallery

Deep Forest by Dunja Jung sold to collector moderats for 1.5ETH (~$549)

Pxlpet [Pixel Art] is a freelance illustrator, pixel artist, HTML5 game developer and creator of the beloved “Pxlpet” pixel art crypto collectibles which are highly coveted amongst digital art collectors. Pxlpet has made over $16K+ in artwork sales on MakersPlace to date.

View Pxlpet’s Online Gallery

PXLPET DREAMS 2.0 FAITHFUL FOLLOWER by Pxlpet sold to collector 渔王 aka justlike.eth for 1.3ETH (~$571)

CSLim [AI art] is an AI artist and developer who creates hypnotizing artworks derived from AI tech. All his works were created based on AI algorithms such as deep neural network and genetic algorithm.Since joining MakersPlace in early 2020, CS Lim has sold over $19K+ in net artwork sales. 

View CSLim’s Online Gallery

Into the memory by CSLim sold to Whaleshark of The Vault for 8ETH (~$2,725)

This is just a small sample of some of the artists who’ve found success creating and selling on MakersPlace. We encourage you to browse through our site to see the broad range of creations and artists who are a part of our community. 

Artists on MakersPlace benefit from:

  • Increased visibility
  • Promotional assistance + education
  • Access to a global network of artists and collectors
  • Quality/authenticity guarantee
  • Low commission fee (15%)
  • 10% royalties on all secondary sales

*Please note all figures are reflective of sales data from 10/14/2020

If you’re a digital creator, you can learn more about MakersPlace here.

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