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Vincent Ubags

Vincent Ubags is a self-taught Belgium painter and motion-designer whose color rich creations have grabbed the attention of art lovers world-wide. Ubags’ super satisfying and innovative motion designs have achieved virality on Instagram, with over 20K followers from around the world following his artworks. Ubags has participated in exhibitions and festivals around the world: His work has been shown at SLA37 Artspace (Manhattan, New-York), BAL (Luik, Belgium), the C.U. Festival, amongst many others. In 2020, he created the visuals for German singer Fynn Kliemann’s music “Ein Minute” which has reached almost 2 millions views. Since his recent debut in the crypto-art space has become a highly sought after creator in the space with works.

Ubags is an extremely versatile artist with creations spanning mediums, genres and industries: He possesses a degree in graphic design, but his work extends to 3D motion design clips, portrait painting, typography, technical drawings, sketches, graffiti art and even fashion design. He’s best known for his motion design creations which are energetic, vibrant and quirky.

I started Digital arts was to use the graphic universe I developed as a painter and to bring all those past experiences into this new digital tool, to find a way to give life to visuals I create through my paintings.

 — Vincent Ubags

Ubags’ experience with art and creating began in the traditional art realm, where he’s been painting for 15 years. In 2015 he was working with Adobe at Maastricht, Netherlands when he was introduced to the software Cinema 4D and became absolutely obsessed. He threw himself into mastering the program, later expanding to HoudiniFX. His goal is for his digital artworks to reflect his extensive experience with traditional/graphic art forms, while providing an extra layer of depth and dynamism. 

Graffiti and street art are major sources of influence and inspiration for Ubags, who has been creating in those forms for as long as he can remember. His artwork is also influenced by learnings from a mix of contemporary and classical painters. He presents age old fine art principles within modern contexts, playing with subject matters and means of presentation. Regardless of what theme or medium Ubags is exploring, his artwork is always highly satisfying and hypnotic. 

Cognitive Neural Behavior Response to Emotions in a Technology Era

Motion art meets neuroscience in Ubags’ debut creation which captures neural reactivity to technological stimulus in a bright, bold and mesmerizing fashion. According to Ubags, this series goes one step further compared to previous works, and demonstrates his constant growth and evolution within the medium of motion art. 

It takes a more abstract approach to highlight the perpetual motion and constant reconstruction of nature in action. It approaches the expression of fractal/infinity through stimulating and colorful visuals while simultaneously relaying a number of metaphors with broad potential for interpretation. For example, while this series is centered around neural functionality, the flow, curves and colors found in the artworks can be interpreted as references to the trading world with its high and low moments. Going even deeper, they can be viewed as neural responses to the highs and lows of the trading world. At its core this series draws attention to our inner most workings and how they relate to the outside world.

Voxelwise Circuitry 

An exploration of brain region specificity, its constant movement and the evolving effect it has, particularly on facial expressions, represented on a dynamic bull figure. 

Voxelwise Circuitry by Vincent Ubags

Editions: One
Pricing: Accepting offers only

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Blue Waves

This artwork relays the vast possibilities of organismic interactions within our ever expansive universe through the hypnotic, constant movement of an army of texturized stimuli. 

Blue Waves by Vincent Ubags

Editions: Ten
Pricing: 0.5 ETH per edition

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Fury Donut

Colors and textures rhythmically collide, disperse and redistribute in this mesmerizing loop portraying the interplay between different brain regions and their surroundings.  

Fury Donut by Vincent Ubags

Editions: One
Pricing: Accepting offers only

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