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Darel Carey

Darel Carey is a Los Angeles based artist who creates within both physical and digital realms. His artwork crosses genres and mediums, ranging from large scale installations and murals to intricate digital renderings. He is best known for his Optical Art style which contains strong elements of illusory line work.

As is commonly the case with many successful artists, Carey did not initially consider a career in the arts as something that was realistic for him. Yet as he explored other industries an unreachable creative itch remained, finally prompting him to fully embrace art as a full-time career. This aha moment came after a perspective switch inspired by a tattoo tutorial from his friend and legendary tattoo artist Kat Von D. Seeing someone he knew achieve great success by sticking to their creative passions led Carey to the realization that he was just as capable. 

It’s one thing to make art, but it’s another thing entirely to make a living making art. I learned a lot about myself and about my purpose. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. 

Two important factors that helped me succeed are perseverance and focus: keeping my eye on the prize, and not giving up. People see overnight successes in others, but they don’t see the years of hard work that led up to it. In pursuits of substance, there are no short cuts or luck.  — Darel Carey

Since making the switch to art as a full-time career, he has exhibited in galleries and produced large scale installations across the world and completed creative work for giant brands like Adidas, Google, Cadillac, American Express and many others.

Darel Carey’s personal artwork is centered around perception of depth and emergent properties, and is heavily influenced by artists like MC Escher. Carey’s organic creation process, basing each line off of the line before it rather than working from blue print, sets him apart from other Op Artists. At its core, his work embodies the notion of complexity birthed from simplicity.

Crystallized Dimensions

With my line work, it’s less about the lines, and more about the arrangement of those lines. As one of my pieces builds up organically, the lines aren’t just lines anymore. Something more emerges… a perceived illusion of curvature and depth. — Darel Carey

Two artworks inspired by a DMT-evoked awakening to geometrically-disposed hidden dimensions, the artworks in this series relay Carey’s signature themes of depth of perception and simple beginnings leading to convoluted outcomes.


A deeper layer of reality is revealed giving way to buried dimensions expressed through an accumulation of varying angles, curvatures, and line qualities. Simple forms come together to create complex arrangements. Animation adds a sense of rhythm and an additional aspect of complexity and comprehension of this new-found revelation. 

Editions: One
Pricing: Only accepting offers

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Moment of Clarity

A moment of clarity is realized during an organic dimensional unfolding, revealing a complexity and depth of perception that goes beyond the three dimensions we are accustomed to. This artwork features an in-depth quadrant of Revelation, giving the viewer a chance to appreciate the extent of fully appreciate the intricacy of this creation. 

Editions: Five
Pricing: 0.7 ETH each, the final edition will be auctioned 

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