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Darel Carey

Darel Carey is a Los Angeles based artist who creates within both physical and digital realms. His artwork crosses genres and mediums, ranging from large scale installations and murals to intricate digital renderings. He is best known for his Optical Art style which contains strong elements of illusory line work.

As is commonly the case with many successful artists, Carey did not initially consider a career in the arts as something that was realistic for him. Yet as he explored other industries an unreachable creative itch remained, finally prompting him to fully embrace art as a full-time career. This aha moment came after a perspective switch inspired by a tattoo tutorial from his friend and legendary tattoo artist Kat Von D. Seeing someone he knew achieve great success by sticking to their creative passions led Carey to the realization that he was just as capable. Turns out he was right, and since making the switch to art as a full-time career, he has exhibited in galleries across the world and completed creative work for giant brands like Adidas, Google, Cadillac, American Express and many others.

Darel Carey’s personal artwork is centered around perception of depth and emergent properties, and is heavily influenced by artists like MC Escher. Carey’s organic creation process, basing each line off of the line before it rather than working from blue print, sets him apart from other Op Artists. At its core, his work embodies the notion of complexity birthed from simplicity. 

Crystallized Dimensions

Two artworks inspired by a DMT-evoked awakening to geometrically-disposed hidden dimensions, the artworks in this series relay Carey’s signature themes of depth of perception and simple beginnings leading to convoluted outcomes. 

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ARC4G is a 3D designer and digital artist who is well known across digital art circles for creating visually balanced and extremely satisfying 3D loops. His work, filled with muted pastel colors and soothing movements, is intentionally subdued and relaxing. 

ARC4G’s passion for digital art stemmed from an early love and fascination for video game development. Being diagnosed with SMA, a neuromuscular disorder that results in gradual loss of muscle strength, forced ARC4G to make the difficult decision to pursue other passions. Still heavily inspired by the physics, lighting, and other technical details that went into video game development, ARC4G began exploring other avenues that would allow him to continue to follow this passion. Digital art and 3D design met this goal for ARC4G by allowing him to thrive creatively and make a major impact on the digital art space in the process of doing so. 

ARC4G’s style is straight-forward and concise: He doesn’t bother himself with small details, rather the focus is on the overall feeling his creations exude. Pastel colors, simple geometry, and components of physics come together ARC4G’s artwork to provide his viewers with a much needed mental massage. 


ARC4G will be releasing three new artworks which delicately explore the nature of physics through captivating interactions between objects and their environments.

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