We’re excited to unveil new original artworks by José Delbo x Primal Cypher, Katy Arrington and Steven Baltay. All works are original and exclusively created and offered through MakersPlace.

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José Delbo

José Delbo is an Argentinian born comic artist who has illustrated a number of Silver and Bronze Age comic classics. He’s the artist behind the pen of some of your favorite superheroes and comic classics — Wonder Woman, Batman, Transformers, The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine comic book, Billy The Kid… just to name a few. Delbo’s work is timeless, but nonetheless he’s looking to the future and immersing himself in the latest art movement taking place on the Blockchain.

Delbo is pushing his classic comic style to the future with the release of three rare digital artworks, available exclusively on MakersPlace. Digitally enhancing his classic illustration approach has resulted in timeless creations that fit today’s digital consumption demand without sacrificing the integrity of Delbo’s beloved style.

Primal Cypher

Primal Cypher is a conceptual digital artist, amongst many other things (designer, oil painter, NFT writer and consultant). He’s well-known for his bold artwork which usually often contain strong social commentaries, as well themes relating to psychology, philosophy and spirituality.

Primal Cypher’s artwork has a strong affinity for blockchain, particularly Ethereum, Anonymous, The Occupy and Cypherpunk movement, which is often reflected in his work. His overall goal is to encourage enlightment, joy, and subverting the dominant paradigm through his artwork.  

The Great Battle for Mankind

The latest, and arguably greatest, installment of Jose Delbo’s The Great Battle for Humanity series brings some of Delbo’s most beloved comic characters, the Transformers, to the battle. Sworn enemies and heroes across universes will unite in the name of humanity to defeat the ultimate villain, the deadly virus. These artworks will also mark the debut of Delbo’s iconic rendition of these robots in disguise, which are brought to life through the bold coloring style of Primal Cypher.

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Katy Arrington

Katy Arrington is a well-known illustrator and digital painter based in Jakarta, Indonesia. She has gained a bit of a cult following for her anime style girls who vary in style from cute and kawaii, to eerie and evil.

She’s had an arguably tumultuous relationship with art, and even quit all together in her mid-twenties. But, lucky for us, her passion for art remained strong, and ultimately lead to her not only returning to the art world, but achieving great success within it. When she is not creating, Arrington is helping share knowledge with other artists on how to make it big in the art world.

CryptoKitty Harem

Arrington’s latest creation is an homage to cryptocurrency delivered by some of her signature babes.

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Steven Baltay

Steven Baltay is an acclaimed 3D animator/motion artist based in Brooklyn, New York. He is well known for his 3D rendered loops which intentionally incite visceral reactions from viewers by playing on primal emotions like disgust and satisfaction. 

Baltay got his start in the arts with early claymation experimentation. In 2003, he was introduced to 3D animation and immediately fell in love. After brief encounters with the mediums of fine art and street art, Baltay eventually returned to 3D, this time heavily influenced by both traditional and contemporary masters of the medium. 

The internet art world has fully embraced Baltay’s highly provocative, stimulating creations which is evident by @realimposter’s large instagram audience and features from notable art publishers like Hi Fructose Mag, All Magazine, and Esquire. Baltay has also created for big name brands like Adobe, Bershka, Converse, Facebook, Herno, Netflix, NFL, Ports 1961, and iconic musicians such as Beck and Tame Impala.

Usually centered around fluid substances and interactions (think slime), Baltay’s newest release takes on a more industrial approach to initiate the same unsettling reaction. 

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Self Care

Inspired by a graham cracker being pushed into a belt sander, this is a cringe-worthy 3D animation that for some reason you won’t look away, even if you want to.

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