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DinizBR ArtWorks

With a totally immersive and cinematic style, my artworks tell a story, everything is created with a lot of emotion and this is what I try to pass on in my creations. — DinizBR ArtWorks

DinizBR ArtWorks, also known as Heidy Teixeira, is a Brazilian digital artist and photographer who specializes in immersive digital storytelling. His artwork ranges from intricately designed VR journeys to empowering, ethereal portraits remixed from his own original photography.

Coming from a long line of talented photographers, DinizBR began learning the ins and outs of the medium from his father at an early age, yet fell in love with the possibilities of digital creation after a friend introduced him to encrypted art. Since then, DinizBR has fully embraced the medium taking full advantage of the universe of textures and colors only in available in digital palettes.

DinizBR’s finds inspiration from great cinematographers such as the Mexican cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki. His artwork is greatly influenced by mythologies, cinema and ancient history, which he skillfully reinterprets and introduces through a modern lens. A blend of bold camera movements, thoughtful narratives, and synchronized soundtracks work to set DinizBR ArtWorks’ creations apart, providing for digital experiences that are unattainable through purely physical mediums.

Life Out of Body

Prepare to step out of your body and into your mind with DinizBR’s newest releases. Two deeply layered stories and all-encompassing cinematic experiences, DinizBR utilizes AR and VR to transport viewers into two worlds, both eerily hypnotizing. Both stories should be watched in their entirety for a full appreciation and understanding.


Inspired by acclaimed horror author Stephen King’s novel by the same name, Dreamcatcher is an interpretation of the book’s villain Mr. Gray, a mysterious inter-terrestrial being. Like the novel, this fully immersive artwork is centered around feelings of bodily horror, alien invasion and uncanny suspense. A sensory, multimedia presentation brings the story to new heights.

Static Preview of Dreamcatcher by DinizBR ArtWorks

Editions: One
Pricing: Only accepting offers

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Live Forever

Immortality and the constant evolution of “being” is depicted in this mesmerizing visual story depicting a transformation and elevation of the physical human form. Enchanting sounds, hypnotizing sights and a strong narrative come together to form a visual experience like no other.

Static Preview of Live Forever by DinizBR ArtWorks

Editions: Five
Pricing: 0.6 ETH per edition, final edition will be auctioned

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