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In a world that runs so fast, to stop is to advance. by A. L. Crego

A. L. Crego

A. L. Crego is a digital art pioneer who has become known across the world for breaking barriers and building bridges between the analog and digital art worlds. His creations elevate gif art to another level. His past artwork has breathed life and movement into static street art by turning them into immersive gifs. Today he continues to push boundaries with new artwork releases that explore the complex relationships between man, earth, and technology.

A. L. Crego has been experimenting and creating within the digital realm for as long as he can remember. His artwork today is completely digital in terms of process and presentation, yet he takes a broader approach in terms of his subject matter which often incorporates images and elements of the physical world.

This fresh approach to gif-art as an artistic genre has captured the attention of patrons and publications across the world. Despite intentionally staying away from social media, he’s managed to achieve internet virality. His artwork has been a constant topic of discussion on Vice, as well as ArchDaily and BoredPanda. He’s done commissioned work for Vice, Nissan, Espolon, Perrier, some international newspapers, and art blogs. He’s also designed loops for many DJs and artists including Dj Snake in Miami.

Crego has held exhibitions and residencies with street artists like Emancipation (Marseille), Creença for Void Projects in Barcelona, (Spain), Matiere Noire (Marseille), Desordes Creativas, Ordes (Spain), Urvanity 2019, Madrid (Spain). Festival Asalto, Zaragoza (Spain). Some collective exhibitions of gif art too (Russia, Japan, US, Lithuania, Argentina, Colombia, Brasil…) and many collaborations with other artists (Borondo, Joaquin Jara, Axel Void, Faith47, and Phlegm…

Diving even deeper into the medium of internet art has prompted A. L. Crego to create and publish a number of new works on the blockchain. Crego’s latest artworks are a prime example of his sophisticated approach to gifs and digital art in general. His work is full of intersections in both process and purpose: For example, the use of analogical resources to feed his digital art, combines the best of both worlds in terms of mediums, while his juxtaposition of subjects like such as nature and technology, emphasizes the complex relationship between supposedly opposite forces.

Zoom Out

His latest series, Zoom Out, seeks to provide viewers with a bigger picture and broader perspective through four artworks which probe at age-old relationships between elements, landscapes and species.

Concrete Branch

Nature in the end will always overcome. In Concrete Branch, A. L. Crego explores the complex relationship between vegetation and man-made material: Opposite forces that often mirror each other’s behavior. 

Concrete Branch by A. L. Crego

Editions: One
Pricing: Only accepting offers

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Eternal Digging

An eerie scene where hands of the past struggle to maintain their grip on ideas, perceptions and mental constructions as the those past mental holdings crumble beneath them to form a new way of being. 

Eternal Digging by A. L. Crego

Editions: One
Pricing: Only accepting offers

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The cyclical nature of life is expressed through a delicate flicker of rebirth giving way to new growth forming out of the old. A paradoxical image depicting birth, growth and aging through supple photography and subtle movements. 

Evolve by A. L. Crego

Editions: Five
Pricing: 0.7 ETH per edition

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Generations reveals the past of an abandoned factory and the anonymous souls who dwelled within. A captivating remembrance of those workers who spent their lives within the walls creating goods for the outside world to enjoy. 

Generations by A. L. Crego

Editions: Five
Pricing: 0.7 ETH per edition

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